3 Essential Questions When Choosing a College

Choosing a college is a big decision with numerous factors to consider, from size to budget to culture and more.

Going Ivy can help you narrow down your decision, and these 3 questions can provide a lot of insight into which school is best for you.

1. What are you studying?

Every college has its own strengths. While plenty of majors are available at every school, money and resources might be flowing into certain programs that would benefit an applicant to research. Choosing the appropriate college has numerous benefits, from interacting with other students who are seeking similar majors to adjusting core curriculum requirements to maximize your education for your future profession.

2. What do you picture as college culture?

Are you imagining a large, bustling campus with thousands of students, or a smaller, more intimate experience? Do you want to attend a college with a strong religious influences or is your dream school more secular? Are you hoping for an active Greek life or a prestigious drama program? Are you hoping to study in a college town or a big city? Figuring out what your dream college experience looks like can significantly help narrow down schools that fit your needs and your wants. Some people dream of attending the same university as other family members, seeing it as a legacy they are eager to partake in; others have a specific aspect they always picture when they imagine college. This is also the time to think about who you are – a picky eater, an extrovert, a city dweller – if you love the beach, you may not want to go to school in Wyoming. Regardless, with more than 4,000 universities and colleges in the United States alone, you can certainly find a school culture that fits you.

3. What is the school going to do for you long-term?

A prestigious medical school can do wonders for helping you land an impressive residency, or a school with a strong alumni organization can help you build contacts in the business world. When you are narrowing down your college choices, think about your post-college life. In some industries, an internship is a boone to have on your resume, and a university in the right city or with the right program can assist in that. You can also do some preliminary research on advanced degrees, such as a masters or a doctorate – some universities offer combined degree programs that may assist you in reaching your goals. Don’t forget that the purpose of college is to give you a brighter future, so you want to maximize your long-term benefits from your degree.

Our advisors at Going Ivy are happy to sit down with you and discuss your collegiate options so you can go to the school that will provide the best experience for you!

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