Science Tutoring

Science Tutoring

With tutors who hold PhDs in biochemistry and other areas of advanced science, Going Ivy can help you not only master the material from any of your science classes. Our unique approach also brings you confidence when conquering science on your standardized tests or in class.

Top Tutors

We work with Ivy League and top school tutors.

Motivation Focus

Our tutors work to ignite the spark of passion and drive within students for success in the subject and beyond.

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Our holistic, personalized approach is created with one goal in mind: getting the best results possible.

Science Subjects

Some students are intimidated by science and have not had a great experience learning it in the classroom. Others are gifted science students who need review and confidence going into SAT subject tests or advanced-level exams. Going Ivy tutors work with these students and everyone in between to improve grades, motivation and focus on arriving at the highest results.

One-on-One Science Tutors

Staying actively involved in your science classes and using good study habits can help you gain a thorough understanding of the material and better grades.

In high school, some of your most challenging courses might be your science classes. Many students struggle in such classes as physical science, biology, physics, chemistry and anatomy and physiology. At the same time, it is vitally important for you to score good marks in your science classes if you want to get accepted into one of the nation’s most elite colleges. Science tutoring can offer you a way to conquer this challenging material so that you can achieve the types of grades that you have the potential to receive.

Science Tutoring from Going Ivy

Going Ivy is a group of tutors and consultants who have attended some of the most exclusive universities in the U.S., including Harvard. When we were in high school, we attained top grades in our classes, and we have expertise in many different subjects, including scientific ones. We work with students from all backgrounds and skill levels to help you to find your internal motivation as you work to achieve your personal best. We do not simply teach to a single test but instead take a holistic and individualized approach with every student.

When we begin, we will conduct an in-depth assessment to understand your strengths, personality and the approach that will work best for you. We will then design and implement a roadmap, listing your goals and the steps you will need to accomplish on your way to achieving them, keeping you motivated and building your confidence along the way. Our science tutors will work with you individually, advising you on specific ways that you can improve your study habits and helping you to understand difficult concepts.

How Science Tutoring Can Help

Whether or not you are interested in a future career in a science, engineering or technology field, science tutoring can help you to shine on your academic record and on your college admissions and AP or IB tests. If you are interested in a future STEM career, you are considering a profession that pays much more on average than others. According to the Economics & Statistics Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce, STEM professions earned an average of 29 percent more than their counterparts in other careers in 2015. For people who earned STEM degrees who did not choose to go into a scientific field, the degree holders themselves still earned a 12 percent premium over people who held different degrees.

Even if your interest area lies in a different future career, getting top grades in your science classes is still highly important. Ivy League and other top schools in the U.S. look for you to complete the most rigorous coursework offered by your school and to achieve top grades in them. They are less impressed by students who get all As in easy classes. Yale advises students that they should take the most rigorous courses that are available at their schools. If your school offers international baccalaureate courses or advanced placement courses, highly selective schools will want to see that you elected to take these more difficult versions, including in your science classes.

Starting early with science tutoring can help you to achieve the best scores that you can in your science classes and on your college admissions tests. Other subjects go hand in hand with science courses. For example, physics requires that you have a strong knowledge of trigonometry and calculus, and general chemistry also requires a good knowledge of both. This might mean that you may want to get tutoring in both your science classes and your math subjects so that you can obtain better scores across your chosen classes.

When you are getting tutored, it is important that you pay attention and ask questions if there is a concept that you do not understand. It is equally important that you complete all suggested homework and study on a regular basis. When you are in your science classes, you can help yourself by listening to the lectures, asking questions and studying. Staying actively involved in your science classes and using good study habits can help you to gain a thorough understanding of the material and better grades.

If possible, it is a good idea to begin science tutoring before you begin your freshman year of high school so that you can start your high school career out making excellent grades. Even if you are already in 10th or 11th grade, you may still benefit from having a science tutor so that you can bring your grades up if need be. No matter where you might be in your science knowledge, you can increase it, improving your academic record and your test scores and making yourself more attractive as an applicant to the schools of your choice.

The Going Ivy Competitive Edge

When you choose the experts at Going Ivy for science tutoring services, you will find that we have the requisite knowledge to help you learn even the most difficult subjects. Our tutors received top scores in their science classes and on their college entrance subject exams. We will assess your current knowledge base and your interests, designing your personal tutoring plan to offer you the most benefit. We will then monitor your progress and work closely together with you, helping you as you work toward reaching your goals. Call us today to schedule your consultation and to learn more about how we can help you to achieve your greatest potential.

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