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Building a firm foundation in precalculus can help you to understand the concepts underpinning calculus.

When you take precalculus, it is critical that you gain a mastery of the material since math concepts build on each other as you progress. Precalculus lays the conceptual foundation for the calculus course that you will want to take next so that you will be able to obtain higher grades in it. By getting help from a highly skilled and knowledgeable precalculus tutor from Going Ivy, you can master the concepts and have a solid base from which you can conquer AP calculus and your future math courses in college.

How Going Ivy Helps with Precalculus Tutoring

Going Ivy is made up of a team of expert professionals, including world-class tutors, former admissions officers, top educational consultants and admissions counselors. Our precalculus tutors have a deep grasp of the concepts that underpin calculus and other higher-level math subjects. They are also great communicators and can explain the concepts in an easily understandable and memorable way. This can help you to build a firm foundation so that you can obtain top grades in both your precalculus course as well as in your future calculus class. We have helped students from public, private and charter schools with mastering precalculus and calculus, and many have developed a love for math as a result.

Why is Precalculus Important?

Even if your high school does not require students to take more than two years of math, colleges want to see more. Elite colleges especially value taking precalculus and calculus. When you take precalculus, you will be introduced to the concepts that your higher-level math courses will require. Since many students take calculus, you will want to do so as well to help you compete in the admissions committee discussions.

How well you understand precalculus may help to improve your scores on the ACT and the SAT. The new SAT contains a few math questions involving basic precalculus concepts. The type of mathematical thinking and conceptual reasoning it involves will also help you in your other subtests because of the critical and analytical thinking that is involved. Scoring well in rigorous math courses may also improve your chances of succeeding in the future. According to the Hoover Institution at Stanford, there is a positive correlation between proficiency in math and gross domestic product, pointing to the economic importance of math mastery.

At exclusive schools, admissions counselors look to see if students have taken difficult courses through all four years of their high school, including calculus. Taking precalculus by your junior year can help you to understand the concepts underpinning calculus. It is also important for you to score well in your precalculus class to maintain a high GPA. Because of the competitiveness of college admissions, many high schools have expanded their curricula to include higher-level math courses such as precalculus and calculus. It is difficult for high schools to find qualified calculus teachers at the secondary level, meaning that the quality of these courses may vary substantially from school to school. When you have the help of a highly skilled precalculus tutor at Going Ivy, you may be likelier to master the concepts that you need in high school and beyond.

The Going Ivy Difference: Precalculus Tutoring

Many tutors and companies advertise, but the quality of what they offer varies greatly. Going Ivy is an industry leader because of our holistic, results-driven approach to tutoring and admissions. Our tutors understand that your grade in precalculus does not exist as a singular goal but is rather one step in your process toward securing admission into the best college possible. Your precalculus tutor will develop a customized lesson plan according to your strengths, needs and learning style, and he or she will get to know you so that your plan will truly be individualized to you. We differ from our competitors because we do not believe in a cookie-cutter approach and instead individualize our instruction to meet the needs of each student.

We have the best tutors in the industry, and our precalculus and calculus tutors are subject-matter experts who also have superior communication abilities. They are able to teach complex concepts in a way that makes them easy to comprehend and retain. You will then be able to use the concepts that you learn in precalculus in your calculus course as well as in college.

Our tutors are also flexible with their scheduling so that their services are convenient for you and your family. We have on-the-ground precalculus tutors who are able to meet with you at your chosen location. You can also choose to be tutored via video conferencing with our tutors who are currently attending the top schools in the U.S., including Harvard, Princeton and others. Our tutors also make themselves available to you 24 hours per day and seven days per week to answer any questions that you might have via text message, phone call or email.

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Going Ivy understands that the stakes for high school students are high and the importance of choosing the best college admissions and academic tutoring firm to help. We offer free, no-obligation consultations so that you can obtain the information that you need about how our precalculus tutors can help you. If you choose to retain us, our tutors will develop and customize your lesson plan and work hand-in-hand with you to help you earn top grades in your precalculus and calculus classes. Contact Going Ivy today to schedule your consultation.

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