Going Ivy’s Dedication to the Community

At Going Ivy, we strongly believe in the importance of giving back and serving others. Our team members and our firm are committed to civic and social responsibility and believe that top-flight educational opportunities should be available to everyone instead of just to the elite. Because of our dedication to the community, we are invested in donating our services and our time to charitable endeavors on a pro bono basis. We want to have a positive impact on our communities and on the world.

Going Ivy’s Service Dedication

Going Ivy is a team of top counselors, consultants and tutors, and every one of our team members is deeply involved in the community. Every year, Going Ivy and our team members donate countless hours on a pro bono basis to students who would otherwise be unable to afford the services that we offer. In addition to our counseling, consulting and tutoring services, our Going Ivy team members reach into their communities to give presentations in order to encourage students in their dreams of going to college. We then provide them with the roadmap for how they can make their dreams a reality. We are proud to help many first-generation college applicants who previously had little understanding of how the college system works.

We are dedicated to helping all students with gaining admission into the right colleges for them. Going Ivy team members offer motivation counseling and college admissions counseling to students everywhere who would otherwise not have access to the resources they need and the type of one-on-one counseling services that Going Ivy provides. We enjoy helping students who are motivated and who have the academic abilities to succeed and achieve their dreams of attending college. We believe in the innate potential of all students, and we offer pro bono services to help those whose socioeconomic backgrounds would make them unlikely to be able to access the necessary resources on their own.

Going Ivy understands that some students are dealing with hardships that make it difficult for them to concentrate on the steps that they need to complete in order to get into their dream colleges. We are proud to offer the guidance that they need so that they are able to navigate through the process, focus on their lives and enjoy their teenage years with lower levels of stress. We work one-on-one with all of our students, including the students for whom we are providing pro bono services. Each of our team members cares very deeply about our students, and we are dedicated to helping all of them to unlock their potential and gain admission into the right colleges for them.

Going Ivy understands how life-changing attending college and getting degrees can be for students who want to break out of cycles of poverty. We can provide the guidance that all students need so that they can obtain better grades, higher test scores and admission into institutions of higher learning.

Help Through Scholarships

Our community dedication goes beyond offering our academic, counseling and consulting services on a pro bono basis to students who have financial need. Each year, Going Ivy is proud to offer an academic scholarship to a deserving high school student who also is in need. We believe that this type of direct giving allows us to help students who come from all socioeconomic levels and from different backgrounds to reach their college dreams. In addition to our annual scholarship, we are also able to offer guidance to parents about financial aid packages and information to our students about other scholarships that might be appropriate for them. We want to make sure that our students understand that college is not beyond their grasp. If they are accepted, they will be able to find the financial help so that they can attend their chosen schools.

The Going Ivy Difference: Dedication to Our Communities

Going Ivy is dedicated to making a positive impact on our communities and on the world. If you represent a charity or an organization and would like to learn more about the pro bono services that we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us. We believe in all students and in their abilities. Regardless of their different backgrounds or socioeconomic statuses, each student has the ability to grow and develop just as the ivy plant climbs. Contact us today to learn more about how we might be able to help your organization in our joint effort to unlock the door to higher education for all students.


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