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Whether or not your school requires chemistry, you should take it if you want to be admitted into the college of your dreams.

As a high school student, you may dread taking chemistry. This course has a reputation for being difficult, but it is important for you to take if you want to be accepted into a top college or university. When you get help from one of the expert chemistry tutors at Going Ivy, you can master the concepts and earn the grades that will boost your GPA and chances of college application success.

Chemistry Tutoring with the Going Ivy Difference

Going Ivy is an academic counseling and tutoring firm that is made up of former admissions officers, expert admissions counselors and top-quality tutors. We are also graduates of the top colleges in the world. Our chemistry tutors are among the top minds in their field and are able to convey information to you about chemistry in a way that you can understand and retain. We have had great success helping students of all backgrounds with conquering chemistry and gaining admission into the schools of their dreams.

Why Chemistry is Important

You may have heard from other students that chemistry is both hard and boring. Don’t let others’ bad experiences taint your perception and demotivate you. Chemistry is used by everyone every day in their lives. Such tasks as cooking, cleaning, taking medications and more all involve chemical reactions and processes. Chemistry is also necessary for many different academic majors and careers, including nursing, medicine, agricultural studies, environmental studies and others. If you like watching fireworks displays, you are witnessing chemistry in action. And it is definitely not boring!

Whether or not your high school requires chemistry, you should take it if you want to be admitted into a highly selective college. According to the College Board, most universities and colleges want students to take at least three years of science classes in high school, including chemistry or physics or both. Elite colleges prefer that students take four years of science classes and want you to take the hardest options available, making it important for you to choose AP, IB or Honors-level chemistry instead of the regular course. If you take AP chemistry and pass the exam with high scores, doing so can help you on your college applications. Admissions officers will understand that you have the ability to succeed in college when you show that you can do well in difficult subjects such as AP chemistry. Your chemistry class will also help you on your ACT or SAT. The science reasoning section of the ACT contains some chemistry material, and the analytical skills that you learn in your class will help you to answer the questions in general on your tests.

How Going Ivy Can Help Through Chemistry Tutoring

There are several reasons why Going Ivy is the leading academic tutoring and counseling firm in the industry. Our approach makes us stand apart from our competition. While many individual chemistry tutors and tutoring companies approach teaching chemistry with one-size-fits-all instructional methods, the expert tutors at Going Ivy understand that every student is unique. Our chemistry tutors start by assessing your needs and strengths, your personal attributes, your motivations and your learning style. This information is then used to develop an in-depth and tailored lesson plan that will offer you the individualized assistance that you require.

Our chemistry tutors are among the top scholars in the field, and they are excellent communicators and motivators. They understand how to help you to access your personal drive so that you want to learn and to succeed. When you are motivated to learn, you will find that chemistry concepts become much easier, and you will likelier obtain the best grades that you can. Some of our students who initially dreaded chemistry found out that they truly enjoyed the subject.

Going Ivy prides itself on our flexibility and convenience. Our chemistry tutors are able to meet you wherever you want, including at locations near your home or school. Some students opt to receive their chemistry tutoring services at one of our academic centers while others choose to receive their chemistry instruction via video conferencing. We have chemistry tutors who are current students at the nation’s top colleges, including the Ivy League schools. When you choose to be tutored in chemistry with an embedded tutor, you can gain information about life on the campus of dream colleges in addition to mastering your class material.

It is likely that you will occasionally have questions about chemistry in between your chemistry tutoring sessions. Because our tutors recognize this, they do not hold “office hours.” Tutors are available to answer your questions by email, phone or text 24 hours per day and seven days per week. Our chemistry tutors are dedicated to helping you to reach your potential and helping you accomplish your goals.

Contact Going Ivy Today for Your Consultation

Going Ivy understands the importance of high-quality chemistry tutoring, and we know that the decision about which chemistry tutor to choose is also important. In order to help you with your decision, we offer free initial consultations at no obligation to you. You can ask all of the questions that you have about the help that we can provide, and we will also ask you questions so that we can better understand your goals and your personal attributes. Our chemistry tutors can use the information that we learn to start crafting your individualized lesson plans. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your consultation.

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