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Because of the sheer breadth of the material that is covered, world history can be difficult for many high school students to grasp. Students who plan to attend college should take this course and score as well in it as they can while they are still in high school. If you are having trouble with your world history class, you may benefit by getting help from a highly skilled tutor at Going Ivy. Our world history tutors understand how to help you to achieve the best grades that you can in your class.

World History Tutor with the Going Ivy Difference

Going Ivy is a leading educational firm that helps students with their academic tutoring and college admissions needs. All of our team members have attended the top universities and colleges in the world, including the schools that make up the Ivy League. Our world history tutors know the material cold and how each event relates to the next and to modern culture. They also have superior communications abilities, which allows them to convey difficult concepts in easily comprehensible ways so that you can quickly learn them and retain them. Our world history tutors may be able to help you to master the material in your world history class and possibly develop a love for the subject.

Why is World History Important?

Learning about world history in high school can benefit you in multiple ways. World history offers a way to understand history at a macro level: not just how one country formed and passed laws, but how societies interacted and evolved ethically and legally. World history helps you to understand human history from our earliest ancestors up to the present. With world history, you can gain an understanding of social and cultural development while enjoying an increased cultural literacy. The material that you learn in your world history class also can help you to critically think about other topics so that you can do better in all of your classes, on your ACT and SAT, and in your future.

According to the College Board, a majority of universities and colleges want applicants to take three years of history classes in high school, including either half a year of geography or world history. Highly selective schools prefer that applicants take advanced courses in high school such as AP classes. For example, Harvard indicates that it prefers students who have taken four years of rigorous history courses, including the most advanced classes that are available at the applicants’ high schools. If you want to gain admission into an exclusive college, you should treat the college’s listed preferences as requirements and take the most advanced course options that you can. Taking AP world history in high school, excelling in it and subsequently scoring a five on your AP exam can help you stand out to the college admissions officers who will review your applications.

The Going Ivy Difference: Top-Quality World History Tutoring

It can seem overwhelming to try to narrow down your choices when you are looking for help with your world history class. There are many choices that are available, including online tutorials, books, study guides, individual tutors and companies that advertise that they tutor students in the subject. Going Ivy is a great choice for you because of how we stand out from the rest. Many companies simply use the same teaching strategies for all students regardless of their needs and learning styles. We recognize that each student is unique and does best when he or she receives one-on-one, tailored instruction that is individualized according to his or her specific needs, strengths, goals and learning style.

Your world history tutor at Going Ivy will first conduct an initial assessment so that he or she can identify your unique needs and personal attributes. This information will then be used by your tutor to design a lesson plan that is tailored to address your specific needs for improvement. By taking the time to do this, your world history tutor may be better prepared to help you to master the material at a much faster pace so that you can earn terrific grades.

When you receive world history tutoring help from Going Ivy, you’ll find that we are also focused on helping you to increase your level of motivation and then to maintain it at a high level. This is because our research has shown that students who are more engaged in learning are likelier to score better than those who are less motivated to succeed.

Our world history tutors work to be flexible and convenient so that you can readily access their help when you need it. They will answer calls, texts and emails between tutoring sessions to always be available to help. They are willing to meet with you at a location that is convenient for you. We also offer world history tutoring at our academic tutoring centers. Some students enjoy the option of being tutored in world history on their mobile devices or laptops from anywhere at which they have Wifi access. We have world history tutors who are currently enrolled at the most elite colleges in the nation, allowing you to receive your world history tutoring while also learning more about the various institutions from a first-hand perspective.

Schedule Your Consultation with Going Ivy Today

To get the most benefit out of your world history tutoring, it is vital that you pick the tutor who you believe can help you the most. Going Ivy offers all prospective students the ability to meet with us for free during our no-obligation initial consultations. We are happy to answer all of the questions that you might have, and we will take some time to ask you questions so that we can understand a little about your goals and your needs. If you choose us for your world history tutoring, our tutors will use some of the information that we learn during your appointment to start planning your lessons. Call us today to learn more and to schedule your free consultation.

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