Foreign Languages Tutoring

Foreign Languages Tutoring

Whether you choose a foreign language simply to fulfill a high school requirement or because you truly have a love for the language and desire to speak it fluently, keeping up with the vocabulary and deciphering original texts can challenge any student. Reach out to a Going Ivy foreign language tutor for expertise and understanding.

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Foreign Languages Subjects

Whichever foreign language you choose to take, it is quite common for students to get lost on the way to fluency and perfect grades and test scores. A little bit of help with conversation or the more complex aspects of each language can go a long way. Going Ivy expert tutors in French, Spanish, German, Latin, Chinese and more work to build your confidence with word meanings, history of the language and all other areas of mastering a new language.

One-on-One Language Tutors

Students who learn a foreign language have been shown to attain higher scores on the SAT and have better scientific reasoning ability.

When admissions counselors review your application materials, they will want to see that you have taken four years of progressively more difficult classes in a foreign language in addition to your other classes. The study of a foreign language can offer many benefits in addition to helping you to gain admission into an elite university. If you did not study the language when you were a young child, you may find it more difficult to pick up the sounds and to internalize the language well. Foreign language tutoring can help you to grasp the grammar, vocabulary and sounds you are learning more effectively if you choose the right tutor.

Language Tutoring with the Going Ivy Difference

At Going Ivy, our foreign language tutors are subject matter experts in their specific languages. We understand the importance of foreign language learning and how the brain works when you are learning your chosen one. We have graduated from the most exclusive colleges and universities in the U.S., and we understand what it takes to gain admission to them. One of the requirements of the Ivy League schools is for applicants to have studied foreign languages. Myths abound about certain languages looking better to colleges than others. The truth is, your dedication and consistency with the language, whether it is Latin, Spanish or Mandarin Chinese, is what matters most. The grade you achieve in these languages is also important. In order to better help you, we can offer you one-on-one instruction and monitoring after we assess what your starting point is. Going Ivy caters our instruction according to your particular learning style so that you are likelier to grasp the material.

Why Foreign Language Tutoring is Important

Research has demonstrated a positive correlation between learning a foreign language and attaining higher scores on the writing and critical reading sections of the SAT. Students who learn foreign languages have also been shown to have better scientific reasoning ability than students who do not receive foreign language instruction. In addition to helping you in school and on your college admissions tests, fluency in a second language can make you more competitive in the job market in the future. Our world is increasingly global and interconnected, and a foreign language can help you to gain beneficial cultural awareness.

After you understand why foreign language study is encouraged and how it might benefit you, tackling the subject may be easier. It is difficult to learn a foreign language if you were not exposed to it when you were young, but it is not impossible. Your instruction should include a background in the grammar and vocabulary that your foreign language utilizes so that you understand the structure of it. Beyond simply memorizing words and grammar rules, you will gain a lot more by immersing yourself in the language. We can help you by conversing with you in the language and working with you on proper pronunciation. It will be important for you to complete all of your homework and to work hard at home when you are not in your tutoring sessions.

Talking to native and fluent speakers regularly can help you to hear how the words are pronounced, allowing you to fine tune your pronunciation. It will also help you to pick up speed in speaking and thinking in the language. Studying your foreign language daily is important for you to be able to learn it well. You can do things such as watching movies in the foreign language that you are learning, reading newspapers and books that are written in the language and writing stories and letters in it. If you are able to do so, visiting a country where your chosen foreign language is spoken can give you an immersion experience that will challenge you in new ways and might allow you to approach fluency.

When you are in class at school and in sessions with your tutor, it is important for you to ask any questions that you might have and to actively participate in discussions. Don’t be afraid to speak up and to try talking in the foreign language in front of other students. While you may not be perfect at first, your language skills will improve the more you try to use them. Tutoring can help you gain more confidence so that you will feel better about talking in your foreign language.

The Going Ivy Edge

Going Ivy is a group of dedicated professionals who understand the importance of foreign language learning both for personal growth as well as for improved academic performance. From a holistic perspective, we will design and implement a personalized instructional curriculum that will be designed to help you to work toward fluency while also helping you to achieve great grades and test scores. We work with people from all backgrounds, helping you improve your grades and ultimately gain admission into the school of your choice. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and to get started.

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