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An increasing number of high schools are offering AP math courses because more colleges are comparing applicants by their AP class grade or exam score.

Highly selective colleges expect that today’s high school students will take AP math courses such as calculus AB, calculus BC and statistics. Your grades in these courses and your scores on your corresponding AP exams may help you to improve your admissions chances. If you want to attend a state school or a less-selective college, passing your AP math exams may also help you obtain college credit and skip past some introductory mathematics courses in college. By getting help from an expert AP math tutor at Going Ivy, you may obtain higher grades and better scores than you might on your own.

Going Ivy’s Help with AP Math Tutoring

The AP math tutors at Going Ivy are the best in the academic counseling and tutoring industry. Our world-class tutors have extensive knowledge of math concepts and topics and are able to teach you the information in a clear and understandable way. When you work with our AP math tutors, you will be able to master the subjects and to become more engaged in the learning process. We offer AP math tutoring services for the following AP courses:

  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC
  • AP Statistics

The team at Going Ivy includes former admissions officers, expert admissions counselors, top educational consultants and expert tutors. Our AP math tutors can help you to reach your goals and to pass your exams so that your college admissions chances may be greatly improved.

The Importance of AP Math Classes

An increasing number of high schools are offering AP math courses because more colleges are recommending them. Highly selective colleges want to see that you have taken advanced placement math classes and other rigorous classes during high school. Making sure that you take the AP math classes that are available at your school and that you do well in them and on the AP exams may help you stand out.

According to the University of Chicago, applicants should take four years of difficult math classes, including AP statistics and/or calculus courses. Because these classes are similar to the level of instruction that you can expect in college, elite colleges prefer them. Some less-exclusive schools may also grant college credit to you for passing your AP exams, allowing you to skip past lower-level undergraduate math courses. Research has shown that your scores on your AP math exams are better predictors of your likely success in college in STEM-related majors. Highly selective schools take the fact that you were successful in your AP math courses into consideration when they are making admissions decisions.

Whether you choose to take the SAT or the ACT, you will encounter questions from multiple areas of math. If you have taken AP math courses during high school, the knowledge you have built may help you to earn better scores on your tests. When you get help from the Going Ivy AP math tutors, you may increase your chances of earning top grades, good exam scores and admission into the college of your dreams.

The Going Ivy Difference: AP Math Tutoring

At Going Ivy, we understand how important taking AP math courses and doing well in them is for your college admissions chances. Our approach is industry-leading because we focus on your results holistically. Instead of trying to use the same approach to every student, we individualize and tailor our instructional methods according to your learning style, needs and foundational level. Our AP math tutors will assess you to determine the best approach to use and will then devise lesson plans that will be designed to accelerate your learning process.

When you work with your AP math tutor at Going Ivy, your lessons will be conducted one-on-one, allowing you to work from your baseline and at a faster pace than if you were receiving instruction along with a number of other students. The concepts in your math courses build on each other. Because of this, it is easy to fall behind if you miss something. Our AP math tutors are able to help you understand and build upon the concepts in your AP math courses so that you can stay on top of your coursework and earn the best grades possible.

We understand that your time is valuable. If you are like many high school students, you probably do not have a lot of extra time to devote to your AP math class studies. Our AP math tutors are flexible, and their services are convenient. Our AP math tutors recognize that you may have questions at times other than during your tutoring sessions. They are able to answer the questions that you have 24 hours per day, seven days per week via phone call, text message or email.

Our sessions can be at your school, in your home or at another location of your choosing. You can also come to one of our tutoring centers to receive your tutoring services. Finally, we offer AP math tutoring via video conferencing with some of our embedded tutors who are currently on the campuses of the top schools in the country. This may give you a glimpse of what attending an elite college such as Harvard or Princeton is really like.

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Going Ivy is the best choice for your AP math tutoring needs. We offer free consultations to all of our prospective students, and you will have no obligation to continue with us for having a consultation. Contact us today so that you can learn more about our AP math tutoring and other services. You will find that the team at Going Ivy is dedicated to you and will work to help you to achieve your goals of getting great grades and getting into the college that is right for you.

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