The Going Ivy Team

The Going Ivy team is made up of expert tutors, experienced college admissions counselors, former admissions officers and graduates of the most prestigious universities in the world, including Harvard. When you work with Going Ivy, you can do so with the confidence that we are a motivated group who stays updated with all the latest admissions trends, news and technology and has firsthand knowledge about how to gain admission into the top educational institutions in the U.S. and the world. We know the opportunities top schools can offer, and we are committed to seeing those opportunities open for you.

The unmatched caliber of the members of our team forms the foundation of our company. The results are a clear understanding of how to best help our clients achieve their highest potentials. We are proud that our team members are renowned as experts and frequently serve as go-to sources about the college admissions and preparation process by such publications as Forbes, U.S. News & World Report and others. Our team is dedicated to helping every one of our students to reach their educational goals and to gain admission into the colleges that are the best fit for them and for their future.

Members of the Team

Every one of the members of the team at Going Ivy is experienced. Our team consists of people who come from diverse and dynamic backgrounds who are able to come together to form a cohesive goal of helping you to achieve your own educational goals and your highest potential. Here is a look at the members of our team and how they can offer you help.

Former admissions officers

If you are like most high school students who are preparing for the college admissions process, you likely wish that you could understand what admissions officers think and what they are looking for. If you want to understand what goes through the minds of admissions officers when they are reviewing applications, you can gain an advantage by working with the former admissions officers who have joined the Going Ivy team. Our former admissions officers are able to explain to you what works, what doesn’t and everything else that helps your application stand out to become accepted. With their experience, our former admissions officers are able to help you to understand how to shine through on your applications. This unique insight helps our clients to gain an advantage over other applicants.

World-class tutors

Going Ivy works with some of the top academic minds and leading tutors in the nation in order to help our students. Many of our tutors have earned the top scores on their college admissions tests and have gone on to be accepted into the world’s leading colleges, including Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Princeton and others. Our tutors are very flexible and can meet with you according to your preference. If you want to meet with your Going Ivy tutor in person, we have expert tutors who are located near you and who are able to meet with you at your home, another location or at one of our education centers. We also offer academic tutoring via video conferencing according to your convenience. If you choose this option, you can receive your academic tutoring from current undergraduate or graduate students who are embedded on the campuses of the world’s most selective universities, offering you a glimpse into life at elite schools.

Independent educational professionals

Our team is made up of expert educational professionals who have the experience and education that you need to learn what it takes in order to succeed in high school and be accepted into the perfect school for you. Our professionals understand all aspects of the process and can help you with selecting the right high school courses, learning test-preparation strategies, understanding the best application strategies, how to identify and locate financial aid opportunities, and more.

Research and Innovation

When you have knowledge, you have power. Because of this, every Going Ivy team member uses the latest research-based and innovative techniques and methodologies in a results-driven approach in order to help you to achieve your desired results. Like you, we are constantly learning, engaging in research and reviewing the results from the latest studies so that we can give our clients an edge.

The team at Going Ivy is recognized as being the top available in the industry. Each of our team members is at the forefront of innovation in his or her respective field. Our members use cutting-edge technology so that they can communicate with clients effectively. These include such things as Going Ivy’s state-of-the-art communications portal and our cutting-edge virtual reality campus tours. By harnessing the power of these innovations, the team at Going Ivy is equipped to help you with your educational and academic goals and needs.

Meet the Co-founder and CEO of Going Ivy


The founder and chief executive officer of Going Ivy, Erin Goodnow, has almost a decade in the college preparation and tutoring industry. Along with her terrific team, she has helped to build Going Ivy into one of the foremost educational consulting firms in the U.S. Erin has led the Going Ivy team since the company’s inception in 2009. You can learn more about Erin Goodnow by clicking here.


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