History Tutoring

History Tutoring

When students only read about events in textbooks or memorize leaders and details from hundreds of years ago, they can lose interest fast. The help of a great history tutor makes history relevant and connect to current events. The result can be more engaged citizens and mature adults.

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History Subjects

Students often have a choice in their study of history in high school, but a common complaint is that none of the subjects seems relevant. Whether you have opted for a European History elective or are suffering through how a bill becomes a law in a U.S. Government course, a tutor can keep you motivated to want to learn the material and ace the information to keep your GPA high. We'll help you analyze events, connect them to current political ideas and spark a deeper interest in history.

History Tutor

When you study history, it helps you to develop critical thinking skills that are highly useful in life and in your other subjects.

One of the most important components of your college applications will be your academic transcript listing your high school courses. It is key that you obtain the highest grades possible in all of your classes, including history. The most exclusive colleges and universities in the U.S. will review your records to see not only your grades but also that you have taken the most difficult courses that your high school offers. Even if your school does not offer AP classes, for example, you still may be allowed to take AP history courses online through an approved provider. Rigorous courses in history, including AP and IB courses, can help you to stand out to admissions counselors if you achieve top scores.

Harnessing the Power of Going Ivy’s Tutoring

The professional team at Going Ivy is made up of educational specialists and expert tutors who have attended some of the most elite schools in the country, including the colleges of the Ivy League. Our tutors have obtained the highest grades and top scores in their subject areas, and we understand what it takes for you to likewise obtain similar results. We can assess where you are with writing, understanding, memorizing and more to gain an understanding of your strengths and how they might be used to help you to conquer the material of any history-related class. We will work with you personally so that we can design a study and learning strategy that complements your learning style. Our goal is to identify what motivates you to learn, inspiring your internal spark so that you can reach your highest potential.

Why History Tutoring is Important

An extremely broad academic area, history is made up of a number of different topics. When you study history, it helps you to develop critical thinking skills that are highly useful both in life and in your other subjects. Some students find history topics to be difficult, partly because of the huge amount of reading that is required along with the ability to synthesize the information. Other students find it boring because it’s not always clear how to apply it to today’s world. When you are approaching your material, it is important that you do so as an active reader, engaging in what you are being told and thinking about the implications of it. The study of history requires abstract, reflective thinking, and most students need practice to handle some of the concepts and types of thoughts that an intense study of history requires.

Analytical thinking involves more than simply memorizing a list of dates and names. It requires you to go beyond and find the answers to hypothetical questions of why the information is important, how the events occurred, and, sometimes, what might have been the impact if a different event had occurred. History tutoring can help you to develop the analytical thinking skills that can inform your study, allowing you to develop a love of learning and a better understanding of the world.

There are some specific things that you can do when you approach your history material. When you read, keep asking questions about the various stories that you encounter. Take note of key concepts, and focus on why they are important. Write down any questions that you might have, and don’t be afraid to ask them. When you work with your tutor, discuss all of the implications of your coursework on the world today and what it means for the human experience as well as what it tells you about human nature. Your writing ability will also be assessed and improved through history tutoring.

Studying for history in a way to achieve true mastery of the subject material will require you to also read secondary materials to gain a true comprehension of it. When you write a paper, it is important that you review it several times until it conveys the ideas that you are trying to say. Most people do not naturally have the high-level abstract thinking abilities that the study of history requires. With tutoring, you can learn these skills, and your grades and scores will naturally follow.

Going Ivy: How We Can Help

Every student has his or her own individual style of learning and thinking. Our tutors can assess yours so that we understand how to best help you with developing the type of critical thinking and writing skills that your study of history requires. We work with students at all levels and from all backgrounds, and we recognize that using the same approach with every student simply does not work. We tailor our services according to your personal needs and strengths so that you can derive the most benefit from our instruction. Our goal is to help you grow and learn, achieve the grades you want, and be prepared to go to the best college for you to develop into the person you were meant to be. To learn more about Going Ivy and the holistic services that we offer, call us today to schedule your consultation.

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