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High schools across the U.S. offer advanced placement English classes to their students, mostly in their junior and senior year. These courses are much more difficult than the regular English courses at these schools and are designed to be just as rigorous as introductory college English classes. Many high school students struggle with the new expectations of their AP English classes. If you are a high-achieving student who is wanting to gain admission into an elite college, you will want to earn the best grades that you can in your AP English courses and the highest possible scores on your AP English exams. By getting help from an expert AP English tutor at Going Ivy, you may improve your chances of getting terrific grades and top scores.

AP English Tutor with the Going Ivy Difference

Going Ivy is a leading academic tutoring and admissions counseling company that is made up of a group of former admissions officers, expert academic tutors, educational consultants and admissions counselors who are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals of doing your best in high school and gaining admission into your top-choice school. We have the best AP English tutors who can help you understand writing styles and techniques in small passages and entire works, and we can also help you apply strong analysis of what you read. We have an excellent track record of helping our students with their AP English classes. Many of our students who initially struggled with comprehension of the material have gone on to earn As in their AP English classes and fives on their AP English tests.

The Importance of Taking AP English Classes in High School

You can enjoy numerous benefits from taking AP English courses during high school. According to the College Board, your AP English classes can lead to 82 different career areas and 23 college majors. Highly exclusive schools want to see that applicants have taken the most difficult courses that are offered by their high schools, including AP classes. It is important to not only choose AP English classes over the regular options but to also earn top grades and fives on your AP exams if you want to gain admission into elite colleges.

If your college goals are to get accepted into state schools or less-selective colleges, many offer students who take and pass their AP English exams college credit for doing so. This may help to save you tuition costs when you are in college, allow you to finish more quickly and gain the skills that they need to succeed in college. Doing well in your AP English classes may also help you to develop a better understanding of the material, translating into higher scores on your ACT or SAT.

The Going Ivy Difference: Top-Quality AP English Tutoring

If you are having trouble reading the passages and materials in your AP English class, it is unlikely that a book or generic website offering help will do much good. One-on-one tutoring is the best option. Going Ivy is the superior choice with our research-based and results-driven approach to helping our students.

It is common for tutoring companies to approach all of their students with identical teaching methods and essay prompts. Going Ivy does not believe that this is the right approach. Our research and experience have taught us that students do the best when they have individualized instruction in one-on-one settings. Our AP English tutors start by assessing each student and building their confidence. Your AP English tutor will work to identify your base knowledge level, your needs, your strengths and your learning style. Our tutors are not just there to help you practice, they are there to help you learn. Your AP English tutor will create tailored lesson plans that are designed to help you with your specific needs so that analyzing complex writing passages will come more easily.

Going Ivy is also focused on helping to increase your confidence with your English classes and your attitude to do well in them. Some students gradually feel less motivated over time, especially as more writing and reading comprehension is required, while others have lower levels of motivation from the start. We work to help you to ignite your own internal level of motivation so that you will become more motivated to achieve your goals. We believe that this is important because highly motivated students are able to master the concepts in their AP English classes more easily and to earn better grades.

Going Ivy is focused on being flexible and convenient for our students. Our AP English tutors are able to meet with you in your home or another location that you prefer. You can also receive AP English tutoring help at one of our convenient academic counseling and tutoring centers. Finally, we offer AP English tutoring services to students by video conferencing with our tutors who are current students at the nation’s top colleges and universities. This option allows you to learn more about what attending an elite school is really like when you meet with your AP English tutor.

Contact Going Ivy Today

The right tutor can motivate you and help your English classes to feel like less of a struggle. Going Ivy recognizes that finding the right tutor is an important decision. We can help reduce some anxiety by offering no-obligation, free initial consultations to our prospective students. You will be able to ask us the information that you need so that you can determine whether or not we are the right fit for you. Call us today to schedule your appointment and to learn more about how we can help you with your AP English classes.

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