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Poor English, grammar and writing skills are simply not going to be acceptable in college. Correcting weaknesses in English while students are in high school will not only help improve English grades, but also any other courses that feature essays and analysis, in your standardized tests, and for your college applications.

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At Going Ivy, it is our firm belief that everyone can be a better writer and English student. The rules of grammar are not always a focus in the classroom, and a motivating tutor can give you fast results in your knowledge and usage of the rules of English. For literature scholars and those students who need to analyze poetry, prose and other forms of writing in a thoughtful and critical way, a great tutor can push you to express your unique ideas and impressions in a way that will show skill and talent.

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The study of English is important to develop the critical, analytical thinking skills that future classes will demand.

If you dream of getting accepted to a top school, you will need to take difficult courses, earn excellent grades and top scores on your ACT or SAT, and engage in the types of extracurricular activities that may help you to stand out. Some people are better at mathematics and science while others are better in language arts. If you are someone who finds your English classes to be difficult, you should consider tutoring. Having a thorough understanding of English and top writing skills is important for your grades in all of your classes, and it be a major boost to your ACT or SAT.

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As you are planning your high school career with an eye toward getting the top grades and gaining admission into your dream college, it is important for you to get the help that you need in order to be successful. At Going Ivy, our highly qualified tutors have the credentials and knowledge that are needed to help you with your English coursework. With fun exercises and tailored instruction to your needs, you’ll learn complex concepts and be thoroughly prepared for AP tests, essays and more. Our tutors understand the importance of you attaining excellent grades so that you can improve your chances of college admittance. Our instructors have attended to top schools in the country and understand what it takes to prepare you in the best way possible. By giving you a strong foundation in English, we can help you to improve your grades and grasp of the material across a broad range of subjects.

Why Study English in High School?

Degrees in the humanities have long been on the decline, and you might wonder why you are required to study English and literature in high school at all. The Modern Language Association found that Ph.D.-level job openings in English fell for the third year in a row to 1,015 openings in 2015, which was a 3 percent decline over the prior year. With fewer people getting humanities degrees and a worsening career outlook, you might feel as if studying English isn’t a worthwhile pursuit. This is the wrong way for you to look at your studies, however. In order to get the top grades and the best scores, you must understand why the study of English is important for developing the critical, analytical thinking skills that your upper-level coursework and college classes will demand.

You might be good in English overall but also have a slight deficiency in one portion of it. With the help of one-on-one instruction and progress monitoring, you can hone in on the areas in which you struggle so that you can gain improvements. You need the type of reasoning and writing skills learned in your English coursework in nearly all of your other classes. For example, you will also need to identify key concepts and utilize critical thinking in your history, science and math classes. Good writing and a strong vocabulary are important as well so that you can become an effective communicator, conveying your ideas with the proper level of meaning and force.

A good approach to English learning will necessitate your willingness to take a break from your electronic devices and to delve into reading. By reading as much as possible, you will begin to see the nuances of language and to gain a better understanding of the human condition. Think critically when you read, asking yourself hypothetical questions about the material. Make sure to actively participate in your classroom discussions, and ask your teacher about anything you do not understand.

When you work with your Going Ivy tutor, you will receive one-on-one attention and help that is focused on building on your strengths while helping you to become proficient in your weaker areas. Tutoring can be very beneficial if you are willing to do the work. Your tutor will ask you to complete extra assignments that are structured in such a way as to address the areas in which you need the most help. By working hard, reading and writing, you can get the types of grades in your English classes that you have the potential to achieve. English tutoring can also offer you the foundation that you need to improve your grades and scores across all of your subjects, translating into better admissions test scores and higher AP scores later.

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When your educational future is at stake, it is important that you choose a tutor who is highly experienced and knowledgeable in the subject areas in which you need help. The tutors at Going Ivy have graduated from the top colleges in the nation, and we have helped some of our past students to secure entry into the most elite institutions in the U.S. We work with you to harness your own internal motivation, helping you to grasp and master the most difficult of concepts. Our English tutors are subject-matter experts and have earned the highest scores on their college entrance exams. To learn more about the resources that we can offer you for English tutoring and other college prep services, call Going Ivy today.

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