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In addition to your undergraduate GPA, graduate admissions officers will use your scores from the standardized graduate admissions exams to judge you as a qualified candidate.

If you are an undergraduate student or a college graduate who is bound for graduate school to further your education in your chosen career field, you will need to take the appropriate graduate admissions test for your particular field and to do the best that you can on your test. Getting admitted into graduate school programs is difficult because there are only a few slots available each year, which makes the competition tough. In addition to your undergraduate GPA, graduate admissions officers want to see that you have obtained high scores on your standardized graduate admissions exams. By getting help from the expert tutors at Going Ivy, you may obtain great score improvements so that you can be viewed as a qualified candidate and boost your chances of admission into your dream program.

How Going Ivy Helps with Graduate School Test Prep

Going Ivy is a leading academic tutoring, counseling and admissions firm. We have a team that is made up of expert educational consultants, former admissions officers and world-class academic tutors who are able to help you to earn the best scores possible on your chosen graduate school test. We are graduates of the top colleges in the nation, including all of the Ivy League schools. Some of us have also attended the most elite graduate programs in the U.S. Our academic tutors are excellent communicators who have all scored in the top percentiles on their respective graduate school exams. They understand how to help you to improve your scores. We have tutors who are available to help you with the following tests:

  • LSAT
  • MCAT
  • GMAT
  • GRE

Why Graduate School Test Prep is Important

Earning a strong score on your graduate school admissions test may help you stand out to the admissions officers as well as help you to earn scholarships at some schools. With strong test preparation, it is possible to raise your scores by a significant amount so that your ability to gain admission into the school of your choice may be enhanced. You can start by researching the programs and schools that interest you the most so that you can see their range of scores for their admitted graduate students. For example, Harvard Law School reports that its admitted class of 2019 had a range of scores on the LSAT from 170 at the 25th percentile to 175 at the 75th percentile. The LSAT is scored from 120 to 180, and people who want to get into the top 25 law schools should strive to earn scores above 160. When you find your school’s reported range of scores for your particular test, it is important for you to target a score toward the top end of the school’s range for the best chance at admission.

While your graduate school admissions test is not the only factor that graduate schools and programs consider, your score is weighted heavily along with your undergraduate GPA. It is important for you to obtain the highest score that you can, and preparation can help you do your best.

GRE Prep

The Going Ivy Difference with Graduate School Test Preparation

Going Ivy is the best choice for many students who are wanting to gain admission into the graduate schools of their dreams because of our holistic approach. Unlike many of our competitors, we tailor our plans according to the needs of each student. Many companies offer graduate school test preparation services in group class settings. Our research has found that students do better when they receive one-on-one, individualized instruction.

We will want you to take a practice exam so that we can help identify your areas of need and your strengths. We will also want to learn more about your goals and your learning style so that we can tailor our instructional approach. Our tutors can work with you to help you to improve the areas in which you are weaker while also building on the areas in which you are strong. The holistic approach also offers you strategies for pacing the exam, confidence, overcoming distractions and more. This combined approach helps us to help you to gain the largest overall score improvements so that you can obtain the type of score that you need to get into your top-choice graduate program or school.

Our graduate school test prep tutors are able to work with you at your college or at your home. We also have academic consulting and tutoring centers at which some students prefer to receive their tutoring instruction. Some busy clients prefer to receive their graduate school test preparation help by video conference on their laptops or mobile devices, which can help you to receive help wherever you have access to a Wifi connection. With our help, you can work toward conquering your chosen graduate school admissions test so that your application will be strengthened and your chances of gaining admission will be increased.

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Going Ivy offers free, no-obligation consultations to our prospective clients so that you can ask us the questions that you need to know. To learn more about Going Ivy and how we might be able to help you to obtain great scores on your graduate school admissions test, contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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