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Doing well in algebra during high school is critical because it forms the basis for your higher-level math courses.

If you’re not confident of your understanding, algebra can be a very difficult topic and lead to frustration. In this subject area, each concept builds on the preceding one. If you do not fully master an algebra concept immediately, you can quickly fall behind as the material moves on to subsequent concepts. For a college-bound high school student, it is vital that you have a strong foundation in algebra because it’ll be reflected in your grades and standardized test scores. Going Ivy can help you to master your algebra classes so that you are able to keep up and secure the best grades possible with the help of our top-flight algebra tutors.

Help from Going Ivy

Going Ivy has the experience and expertise to help you with your algebra tutoring needs. We have a team of industry-leading tutors who know the secrets and tips that can help you stay on top of the material. Our tutors understand how to communicate complex information in a way that you can easily understand and remember. In addition, our tutors know how to change your perception of algebra from a negative experience to one that is fun.

The Importance of Quality Algebra Tutoring

Doing well in algebra during high school is important because it forms the basis for your higher-level math courses. Algebra is also a necessary prerequisite for many science classes, including chemistry, physics, computer science and engineering courses. Algebra helps students develop analytical and critical thinking skills that can help them in their other courses as well as in their lives.

Most colleges require at least three years of math in high school, and highly selective schools prefer four years. Algebra I and II are important for college admissions because schools view your performance in these classes as indicators that you will be prepared for the rigors of college classes. Taking algebra and performing well in it is important for your college applications. While getting a less-than-optimal grade will not be fatal to your admissions chances, getting the best score that you can boosts your chances.

Mastering algebra is also important for the standardized tests that you will take in order to gain admission to college. The SAT, ACT, PSAT and SAT math subject tests contain many core algebra and other math problems that require you to have a solid grasp of algebra concepts, including multivariable linear equations, polynomial factorization, sequencing, multiplying binomials and more. If you struggle with abstract algebraic concepts and formulas, getting help from a top-quality tutor early is important so that you can master the theories on which the subject matter will continue to build.

Algebra Demystified: The Going Ivy Difference

At Going Ivy, we use results-driven, research-based techniques to facilitate the learning process for students who need help with difficult algebra concepts. In classroom settings, one challenge many students encounter is that teachers must teach the information to students who have various learning styles and who are at different baseline levels of understanding. This means that some students will fall through the cracks.

At Going Ivy, our algebra tutoring process starts with an individualized assessment, which allows our tutors to determine what your base foundational level currently is, what your learning style is, and what your areas of needs and strengths are. Your tutor will then design a tailored lesson plan that is customized according to your particular needs and implement it in a way that will allow you to conquer algebra. Our approach is motivation-focused so that you can understand why algebra is important and how mastering it can benefit you. By helping you to ignite your motivation, Going Ivy can help you to flourish in your algebra classes and beyond.

We also make certain that our services are convenient for all of our students. We understand the types of demands that modern students have on their time as well as how difficult it is to carve out additional time to work on your algebra homework or to study for an exam. We offer flexible options for your algebra tutoring services. We are able to meet you at a convenient location of your choosing, or you can come to our academic tutoring center for your sessions. We also offer algebra tutoring via video conferencing with either our local tutors or with college students who are attending the world’s top universities, including Princeton, Stanford and Harvard. Our tutors are among the top minds in the world and are able to teach algebra in such a manner that will help you connect with the process while simultaneously providing you with insight about what attending exclusive institutions is like.

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In order to help you determine whether or not Going Ivy is the right choice for you, we offer free, no-obligation consultations. We are also available to answer your questions by email, text message or phone call 24 hours per day, seven days per week. All of our tutors are dedicated to students and have strong desires to help you succeed. Let Going Ivy show you how we can help you develop a passion for algebra as we work one-on-one with you to help you obtain great grades, top test scores and success in your college admissions process. Call us today to learn more and to schedule your appointment.

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