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While many students choose Spanish or French in high school and shy away from learning German because of its perceived difficulty, you could stand out to a college admissions officer if you have taken four years of German classes.

Studying German in high school can help prepare you for college while also allowing you to enjoy a greater understanding of German culture. German has a reputation for being difficult to learn. If you are having trouble in your German classes, you might benefit by getting help from one of the top-quality German tutors at Going Ivy. With our help, you can earn the best grades and top test scores in your German classes.

Study German with the Going Ivy Difference

Going Ivy is a full-service and leading academic tutoring, test prep and college admissions counseling company. Our German tutors are the best in the industry and are fluent German speakers. They also have strong communication skills, allowing them to explain difficult grammar, pronunciation, translations and more in a way that you will find to be easy to remember. Our German tutors have helped many students to master the language. Some of our students have gone on to achieve fluency and to develop a deep appreciation of German language and culture.

Why Study German in High School?

Students who choose to study foreign languages such as German in high school will find that they enjoy numerous benefits. Research has demonstrated that bilingualism is strongly correlated with problem-solving skills. Studies have also demonstrated that there is a correlation between learning foreign languages and scoring higher on the ACT or SAT. As the most widely spoken language in Europe, German can open the doors to much of the western world to you. In the U.S., 42 million people report that they are of German heritage. If you also do, studying German may be a way for you to reach back to your roots and to gain better insight into your family’s history and culture.

Studying German in high school may also help your application stand out to college admissions officers. Many students choose to study Spanish or French in high school, shying away from learning German because of its perceived difficulty. A college admissions officer may be more impressed if you have taken four years of increasingly more difficult German classes in high school than a supposed easier language. Since most elite colleges prefer applicants who have taken four years of rigorous courses in a foreign language, you should plan to do so with German. With the help of a highly skilled German tutor from Going Ivy, you can master German and do well in your classes throughout high school and beyond.

The Going Ivy Difference with German Tutoring

When you start looking for help with learning German, you will find that there is a multitude of courses available and companies that advertise German tutoring services. Going Ivy stands above the rest because of our research-based and results-driven approach. With our holistic focus, we recognize that your German grades are steps along the path to your achieving the ultimate goal of getting into college. Instead of using the same approach with every student, our German tutors tailor their instructional methods and lesson plans according to your individual learning style, level of knowledge, strengths and needs. This can help you to learn German much more rapidly so that you can stay ahead of the material that you are responsible for in class.

Our German tutors will take the time to learn more about you so they can incorporate the information to personalize your lesson plans according to your needs. They are also focused on helping you raise your motivational level. It is common for students to grow tired of high school or feel deflated about a requirement that doesn’t necessarily connect with their future career or goals. Maintaining high motivational levels can also be hard when grades start to fall. But the answer is not dropping German for another language or class. We help you to tap into your internal drive so that you will be more interested in learning German and engaged in the process.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and convenience. We understand that students today have many demands that are placed on their time. The commitment to tutoring does require more of that precious time, but we make it easy for you. We can teach you better organizational and time-management skills that you can implement in order to more easily handle all of the different things that you need to do. This may help you to find that you have more time than you previously thought. Our on-the-ground German tutors are also available to meet you at your home, school or a different preferred location. You can also come to one of our tutoring centers to receive your German instruction. Some students choose to receive their German tutoring by video conferencing on their laptops or mobile devices, freeing them to receive live tutoring in German from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. We have German tutors who are currently attending the top colleges in the world. When you receive tutoring from them, you can also ask them questions about what attending an elite college is really like. As another convenience, we are available by phone, text or email in between tutoring sessions, because we know that you may have questions when you are not meeting with your German tutor.

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When you get the help of the right German tutor, it can make all of the difference in how well you learn to speak, read and write in the language. Going Ivy offers no-obligation, free initial consultations to prospective students so that you can ask the questions that are important to you. We also ask prospective students questions so that we can learn more about their needs, strengths, goals and learning style. This helps our German tutors as they work to design tailored plans that address your unique needs. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

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