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According to the College Board, your AP Statistics course may form a springboard to 32 different college majors and 106 different careers.

If you are taking statistics in high school and want to gain admission into a highly selective school, it is paramount that you obtain the highest score in the class that you can. Many students struggle with statistics, and if you are having trouble with it, don’t wait to get the help that you need. When you choose to receive statistics tutoring from one of the highly skilled statistics tutors at Going Ivy, you may improve your chances of mastering the material so that you can get the best scores that you can in your class.

Going Ivy’s Statistics Tutoring Help

The team members at Going Ivy are all graduates of the top universities and colleges in the world. We have world-class tutors who are the best in the industry. Our statistics tutors have extensive knowledge of the subject and are excellent communicators. This allows them to teach the complex concepts to you in a way that is easily understandable and memorable. Your statistics tutor may help you to understand the importance of statistics and to learn to love the subject.

Why is Statistics Important?

When you study statistics, you are learning how to evaluate the trustworthiness and validity of the information and data that you encounter in your work as well as in your daily life. Statistics may be used to help you determine the types of information that you should disregard while helping you to understand the meaning of other valid information that you encounter. According to the College Board, your AP Statistics course may form a springboard to 32 different college majors and 106 different careers. Beyond college, statistics are used in a broad range of fields and in daily life. According to Boston University, businesses, governmental entities and organizations across multiple disciplines are in need of good statisticians. In your daily life, you will encounter statistics when you check the weather forecast, learn about emergency preparedness, follow political campaigns or engage in many other activities. By having a strong foundation in statistics, you will be better able to evaluate the data and understand it as you encounter information throughout life.

Whether you choose to take the ACT or the SAT, you will encounter questions that require a basic knowledge of probability and statistics. Familiarity with statistics may help you to score higher on your math sections of these standardized tests. You will also gain a better understanding of critically analyzing data so that you can obtain higher scores on the other sections of your standardized tests as well.

College admissions committees want to see that applicants have taken rigorous math courses and have done well in them. If you take AP Statistics, earn an A and score well on the AP exam, your application may demonstrate that you have the requisite skills to pass your higher-level math courses in college. While you are in high school, it is important for you to take the most rigorous courses that are available to you and to do your best in them.

Statistics Tutoring and the Going Ivy Difference

When you are looking for help with your statistics class, you’ll likely find that there are a large number of books for sale and many companies and individuals that are all offering help. Going Ivy is the top choice because of the quality of our statistics tutors and our holistic and results-driven approach. Our tutors are among the top scholars in their fields. When you work with your Going Ivy statistics tutor, he or she will break down the information into digestible pieces so that you can keep ahead of the material.

We are focused on helping you to ignite your own motivation to succeed. Our statistics tutors will start by evaluating your needs, baseline level of knowledge, strengths and learning style. This will help them to design the most appropriate lesson plans for you to facilitate and accelerate your progress. Our world-class tutors are subject-matter experts who care deeply about helping you to maximize your success. Because of our holistic view of the college admissions process, we do not believe that a single grade is your end goal. Instead, we view the big picture, understanding that the grade that you receive in your statistics class is simply one small step on your path to achieving your ultimate goal of gaining admission to the college of your dreams.

Going Ivy and its team members are proud to be flexible and convenient. We know that high school students are very busy today, juggling multiple tasks, activities and demands. We can help to make your statistics tutoring convenient. Our tutors can meet with you at your chosen location, or you can receive your help at one of our tutoring centers. We also offer statistics tutoring with a tutor who is currently attending college at an elite school via video conferencing. When you choose this option, you will be able to learn more about the various schools of the Ivy League while working to master statistics. Our team members are able to answer your questions at any time via text message, email message or phone.

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Going Ivy offers all prospective students the opportunity to access us through our no-obligation, free consultations. During your meeting, we will ask you some questions so that we can learn more about you and your goals. You will also be able to ask us about anything that you’d like to know to help you to decide. Call us today to learn more about our statistics tutoring and to schedule your consultation.

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