U.S. History Tutors

U.S. History Tutors

According to the American Historical Association, studying history helps students develop a deeper moral understanding of the world we live in and its people.

As a high school student, U.S. history is required for graduation. Colleges will be interested in your history grade, and highly selective schools prefer that applicants take rigorous U.S. history course options if they are available at their schools. If you are struggling with your course, you may benefit by getting help from one of the high-quality U.S. history tutors at Going Ivy. With their help, you may earn the best grades of which you are capable in your U.S. history class while also increasing your chances of getting accepted into your dream college.

U.S. History Tutor with the Going Ivy Difference

Going Ivy is a leading academic tutoring and counseling firm that helps students from all backgrounds with improving their grades and getting admitted into their choice colleges. We are graduates of the best colleges in the world, including all of the Ivy League schools. Our U.S. history tutors are among the top scholars in their field. In addition to having deep levels of knowledge about U.S. history, they also have top-notch teaching skills. Whether you are in an AP course or regular level, they can explain difficult concepts and complicated events to you in such a way that you will easily grasp and remember the information. We have a successful record of helping our U.S. history students with earning As in their classes and going on to gain admission into the colleges of their choice.

The Importance Studying U.S. History in High School

Studying U.S. history in high school is important for multiple reasons. According to the College Board, college admissions officers want to see that students have taken a full year of U.S. history while they were in high school. Highly selective schools prefer that students take advanced placement or other rigorous course options if they are available.

Many students do not understand why studying U.S. history is relevant to modern life. But when you learn about the history of your country, you will be able to gain a better understanding of the country’s development and our modern culture along with the types of events that have shaped us. History also teaches us the lessons of what we should strive to avoid. The American Historical Association reports that the study of history aids in the development of a strong moral understanding of our world and people everywhere.

Your U.S. history class can also help you learn about making better choices and how the decisions that you make might impact others around you. If you want to be successful in your other history classes and in college, having a strong foundation in U.S. history is important. Doing well in your U.S. history class may also help you to develop the type of critical thinking skills that can help you on your ACT or SAT while strengthening your college applications.

The Going Ivy Difference: High-Quality U.S. History Tutoring

If you are looking for a U.S. history tutor, you’ve likely discovered that numerous individuals and companies advertise their tutoring services. There are several reasons why Going Ivy should be your top choice for U.S. history tutoring. We have world-class U.S. history tutors who are among the top minds in their field. Going Ivy uses a results-driven and research-based approach to help our students achieve their goals. Unlike the companies that use the same approach with all of their students, our U.S. history tutors offer our students tailored plans that directly address their needs. They begin with thorough assessments of your needs, strengths, base knowledge level and learning style. By incorporating this information into your lesson plans, your U.S. history tutor will be positioned to offer you the most help possible.

Our U.S. history tutors are also focused on helping you to increase your motivational level. It is common for students to gradually lose their motivation as time goes on. We recognize this and work to help you ignite your personal motivation to succeed so that you are excited to learn about U.S. history. When you are more motivated, you are likelier to reach your goals in your U.S. history classes and beyond.

The demands placed on today’s high school students may seem overwhelming. You may be struggling to fit in enough time for your job, extracurriculars, classes and volunteer activities. We can help you to learn better organizational and time-management skills so that you can meet your demands more easily while also finding the extra time that you need to focus on your U.S. history class. Our U.S. history tutors are flexible and work around your schedule and your needs. They can meet with you wherever is most convenient to you. You can also come into one of our academic tutoring and counseling centers to receive tutoring services in your U.S. history class. Some students enjoy our video conferencing U.S. history tutoring option. With it, you can be tutored in U.S. history by our embedded tutors who are currently attending the top colleges in the country. This allows you the ability to ask your tutor questions about his or her experience with attending an elite college.

Contact Going Ivy to Schedule Your Consultation

It is important that you choose the U.S. history tutor who is the best fit for you and your needs. In order to help you decide whether or not the U.S. history tutors at Going Ivy are the right tutors for you, we offer free, no-obligation consultations for all of our prospective students. Contact Going Ivy today to schedule your consultation and to learn more about the services that we offer.

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