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If you are a high school student who dreams of gaining admission into college and pursuing a STEM or health-related career, taking anatomy in high school can prepare you for your future coursework as well as the rigors of college classes. Many students find that anatomy is a difficult subject. If you are struggling with it or simply want help with staying ahead of the material, getting help from one of the expert anatomy tutors at Going Ivy can help you confidently conquer the material as you work toward reaching your goals.

Anatomy Tutoring with the Going Ivy Difference

Going Ivy is a premier academic tutoring and admissions counseling firm that has helped many students with reaching their goals of gaining admission into some of the most elite colleges in the country. Our world-class tutors have extensive knowledge of anatomy and are also skilled communicators. This allows them to teach complex material to you in a manner that makes the concepts digestible and memorable.

Why Study Anatomy in High School?

Anatomy is important for a variety of degree fields, including medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, nutrition, nursing and other health sciences. These fields require that you understand the structural complexities of the human body. When you study anatomy, your class will likely involve analyzing data, completing dissections and doing field work. Researchers have found that there is a correlational relationship between doing well in high-level science classes in high school, including anatomy, with success in college STEM courses. Researchers have also found that there is a correlational relationship between high science grades and obtaining higher scores on the ACT or SAT.

The College Board reports that universities require that most students have completed three years of science classes such as physics or chemistry, biology and space or earth science. If your goal includes gaining admission into a highly selective college, you will want to take high-level courses in science such as anatomy and to do well in them. When you get a great grade in your anatomy class, you will demonstrate to college admissions officers that you are ready for the rigors of your future college classes. Moreover, some schools strongly prefer students to complete anatomy in high school for entry into pre-medical degree programs.


Anatomy Tutoring and How Going Ivy Can Help

There are numerous tutors who advertise their services with anatomy as well as many books on the topic. In addition, there are many companies that similarly advertise academic tutoring services in areas that include anatomy. Going Ivy is different and better because of the unique approach that we use. We are results-driven and use a holistic approach to each student. We understand that your grade in anatomy is not the main goal but is instead a step along the way to your getting into a top school and working toward your future career goals.

We believe that tailoring our lesson and goal plans to the needs of each student is vital. Students do best when their are met individually, recognizing their strengths and learning styles. Many companies and tutors use approaches that are one-size-fits-all, and we know that this approach does not work for most students. We start by assessing your current level, learning style, personality, needs and strengths in order to develop the best lesson and goal plans for you. This helps you to accelerate your learning process while also working toward your goals.

Our anatomy tutors work to inspire your inner motivation so that you will become engaged in your study of anatomy. When you are excited about the learning process, you will be likelier to master the material while truly enjoying the subject. This can help you to obtain terrific grades and test scores. We have the best anatomy tutors in the industry, and they are dedicated to helping our students to reach their individual potentials.

Today’s high school students have many demands placed on them. You might worry that you will not have much time to devote to improve your anatomy understanding. Going Ivy is convenient and flexible with our anatomy tutoring services. Our tutors can meet with you at a location that is convenient to you. We also offer anatomy tutoring via video conferencing with our tutors who are currently attending the top colleges in the U.S., including the schools of the Ivy League. This can allow you the chance to see a little of what it is like to be a student on the campuses of exclusive schools while you are learning anatomy. Because many students have questions about the material between their tutoring sessions, our team is able to answer your emails, text messages and phone calls 24 hours per day and seven days per week. You will find that all of our team members, including our anatomy tutors, care deeply about you and your goals.

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At Going Ivy, we understand the importance of choosing the anatomy tutor who is best able to help you. We offer free, no-obligation consultations to our prospective students so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to choose us for your anatomy tutoring and other academic needs. We will ask you questions that are meant to elicit information about who you are and what your needs are. We will then use that information to help us to begin constructing your tailored plan. Call Going Ivy today to schedule your consultation and to learn more about how our anatomy tutors can help.

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