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Even if you don’t plan to pursue a STEM-related major or career, trigonometry helps you better understand the world around you while also learning new ways to analyze and solve problems.

Obtaining the top grades in your trigonometry coursework is vital if you dream of admission into an elite college or university. If you are having trouble understanding trigonometric concepts, as many high school students do, the industry-leading trigonometry tutors at Going Ivy can help. Our tutors may help you to master trigonometry so that you can have the foundation that you need for calculus and beyond while also helping to improve your chances of gaining admission into the college of your choice.

How Going Ivy Helps with Trigonometry

Going Ivy is a premier, full-services academic tutoring and college admissions counseling firm with the best trigonometry tutors in the industry. Our team members have insiders’ perspectives about the college admissions process for highly selective colleges because we have graduated from the leading schools in the nation and the world. Your trigonometry tutor at Going Ivy will have extensive knowledge of trigonometry and other math topics. He or she will also be able to explain complex concepts to you in a manner that you are able to comprehend, retain and use. The trigonometry tutors at Going Ivy are focused on helping you to achieve a mastery of the subject while also assisting you with your college admissions goals.

The Importance of Trigonometry

Some students have trouble understanding why trigonometry is important to them. This may especially be true for students who do not intend to major in a STEM-related field in college. Trigonometry is important to all students for multiple reasons. Both the SAT and the ACT contain questions that test basic trigonometric concepts. If you obtain a high score in trigonometry, it will help you to also improve your ACT or SAT test scores, bolstering your chances of getting accepted into your dream college. According to a researcher at Iowa State University, students who take advanced math courses such as trigonometry and who do well in them obtain better scores on their college admissions tests.

If you want to take higher-level math courses such as calculus in high school, you may find that your school requires that you first complete trigonometry. This subject helps you to better understand the world around you while also learning new ways to analyze and solve problems. Many professionals also use trigonometry in their jobs, including architects, engineers, cartographers, oceanographers, aviators and others. Even cutting-edge musicians use trigonometry when they translate their music into sound waves for digital uses.

College admissions officers review transcripts in order to see both the classes that were taken as well as the grades that were obtained. While most schools want to see that applicants have taken at least three years of rigorous math courses in high school, elite colleges recommend that students complete four years, including trigonometry and calculus. If you are able to score well in trigonometry when you are in high school, you may show the admissions officer who is reviewing your application that you have what it will take to do well in your college math classes. Because of the impact your trigonometry class can have on your standardized tests, it may also help you to obtain a higher score on the math sections of the ACT and SAT.

The Going Ivy Difference with Trigonometry Tutoring

While there may be numerous individuals and companies advertising trigonometry tutoring services, Going Ivy is the best choice for you for several reasons. Our trigonometry tutors are among the top minds in the field of mathematics. They recognize that all students are unique and that using cookie-cutter teaching strategies does not work. Instead, we begin with thorough assessments of our students so that our trigonometry tutors can more readily understand the baseline levels of knowledge that they have, the pace they need, their individual learning styles and areas of need, their strengths and their personal attributes. This helps our tutors to design and implement lesson plans that are tailored to you and your needs, helping to improve your chances of success in your trigonometry class and beyond.

The approach that we use is industry-leading because we are focused on results. We are dedicated to helping you gain confidence and become motivated to achieve. Our trigonometry tutors focus on helping you engage in the learning process so that you will come to enjoy learning about trigonometry.

We are also very flexible and work to be convenient for you. Our trigonometry tutoring services options include in-person meetings at your home or any location you choose. You can also receive your trigonometry tutoring help at one of our academic centers. Some students choose tutoring via video conferencing with our embedded tutors who are currently attending some of the most elite colleges in the U.S. This option lets you learn more from our trigonometry tutors about what life at such schools as Harvard or Princeton is like. Finally, we recognize that you may have questions that come up in between your tutoring sessions. We make ourselves available to answer your phone calls, text messages and emails 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Contact Going Ivy Today

Going Ivy offers no-obligation, free consultations to prospective students who are trying to decide whether or not to hire us for trigonometry tutoring. During your appointment, we will ask you numerous questions so that we can gain a better idea of your needs, goals and learning style. Your trigonometry tutor can then use this information to help him or her design a lesson plan that will work the best for you. To learn more and schedule your consultation, contact Going Ivy today.

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