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Going Ivy’s expert tutors utilize a results-driven approach that is tailored to the needs of the student and that communicates knowledge in a way that will be retained and effectively applied.


Going Ivy's research-based methods are proven to help students retain and apply information.

Tailored Approach

No two students learn the same way, so Going Ivy tutors tailor their sessions to the unique needs of the students.

Motivation Focus

Our tutors work to ignite the spark of passion and drive within students for success in the subject and beyond.

Tutoring Subjects

No matter where you are starting, no matter what your goals, Going Ivy is here to help you soar. Going Ivy tutoring isn't just for students who want to go to Ivy League universities -- it's for any student who wants to reach their peak potential with Going Ivy's research-based, results-driven approach.

Going Ivy Tutors

No matter when you start, tutoring can help you to achieve excellent grades in even your most challenging courses.

Whether you have a goal of gaining admission into an elite institution or getting into any other college, your academic performance is one of the key elements of your college application that admissions officers will consider when they are deciding whether or not to accept you. If you are struggling with one particular subject or with several, you might benefit by getting help from tutors who are not only subject-matter experts but also have great communication and teaching abilities.

The team at Going Ivy has expert tutors and admissions counselors who are fully vested in helping our students to tap into their individual potentials so that they can reach their goals and become excited about learning and be ready for college. We use a results-driven approach that goes beyond simply getting a good grade but that incorporates the ultimate goal of gaining admission to the college of your choice. We have worked with many students since our inception in 2009, and we have helped numerous teenagers gain admission into their top-choice schools, including Princeton, Columbia and other elite colleges.

Why Choose Going Ivy for Tutoring?

Going Ivy is a team of educational experts, admissions counselors and tutors. We have graduated from the top universities and colleges in the U.S., including the schools of the Ivy League. Our tutors are truly the best that are available and are experts in their subject areas. Each of our tutors is experienced and has a deep level of understanding of the material that they teach and also understands how to convey the information to our students in a way that is understandable. These are people who are both highly accomplished and who have unparalleled communication skills. No matter when you start, tutoring can help you to achieve excellent grades in even your most challenging courses. We can offer you support for a single subject, several subjects, a single exam or a focused project, according to your specific needs. We are also able to assist you with tutoring that is aimed at helping you to prepare for an AP exam or improve standardized test subsection scores on the ACT or SAT.

Subject Matter Experts

Our tutors are able to offer you a high-level overview of the major subject areas, including a variety of math, science, foreign language, English and history classes. We also are able to help you with your other courses so that you can improve your grades. We have top tutors both on the ground as well as tutors who are embedded at elite schools, including Harvard, Princeton and Stanford. Our embedded tutors can help you by using video conferencing, allowing you to benefit from unmatched service while also getting a glimpse into what life is like at an elite college or university.

Our Holistic Approach

Most highly selective institutions use a holistic admissions approach in which their admissions committees review all parts of the applications, going beyond the numbers of an applicant’s grade point average and standardized test score to try to get a clear picture of who the applicant is both in school and outside of it. For example, the University of Pennsylvania states that its admissions committee looks beyond the academic records of students to try to see the more intangible aspects of what the applicants might bring to its campus. You shouldn’t get confused by the push toward holistic admissions, however. Grades are still extremely important, as demonstrated by the fact that the average weighted GPA for the class of 2021 was 4.26.

The approach that Going Ivy uses with our students is likewise holistic in nature while recognizing the importance of getting excellent grades. Our admissions counselors help our students with curriculum planning and course selection while our expert tutors provide in-depth instruction to help you to accelerate your academic learning and achievement. Our goal is to help you to become a lifelong learner who is inquisitive, engaged and motivated to attain mastery of subject matter that was previously challenging for you.

Identifying Your Specific Learning Style and Needs

When you first meet with your team at Going Ivy, we will begin by conducting an assessment and review of who you are. We want to see what you’ve written in classes and what grades you’ve earned. This helps us to identify your individual learning style and your specific needs. We look beyond the content of a challenging course and analyze what underlying issues might be causing the material to be more challenging for you. This might include such things as time pressure, attention to detail, organizational problems, failing to communicate well with your teacher and more.

Once we help you to figure out the underlying issues that are causing some of your challenges, we will then work with you, imparting the course knowledge in such a way that you will be able to retain it while also learning the skills that you need in order to succeed in future, more advanced courses in the same subject area as well as in others. We will also help you learn the skills that you need to correct the underlying problem. For instance, if you are too time-pressured, we might look for ways that you can free up some additional time or that you can learn and employ better time-management skills. If you are having trouble communicating with your teacher, we will work with you to improve your confidence and communication skills so that you are willing to engage in your classes and be unafraid to ask for help when you need it.

By addressing your underlying issues as well as the subject matter, we believe that your newly learned skills can be cross-applied, helping you in your other courses as well. For example, if your organizational skills are lacking, improving them may help you not just in the courses that you find most challenging, but in your other classes as well as in your life outside of school. We have helped many students who dread taking certain classes to turn those courses and subjects into ones that they love.

Focus on Motivation

At Going Ivy, we believe that every student has an internal spark that is waiting to be ignited. Whether you are an extremely focused and motivated person or you feel unmotivated, we can help to increase your drive to do well. We will help you by designing a plan that is tailored to your needs, strengths and goals, both in the classes in which you need tutoring as well as for other important milestones as you work toward the college admissions process. When you see your own plan and have specific steps that you can accomplish on your way to achieving that top grade and ultimately, admission into the college of your choice, we believe that you will become more engaged and excited about college and your future. We work to help you to feel excited and inspired, armed with the knowledge that piques your interest so that you look forward to tackling and conquering even your most difficult classes. We work hand-in-hand with you to help to propel you forward to do your best rather than dragging you along to get there.

We also recognize that getting a single good course grade is not the ultimate goal. Instead, we view your class results as getting good grades with a purpose, which is moving you along toward using those grades within a stronger application so that you might get into the best school possible.

Accessibility and Flexibility

Going Ivy is dedicated to being accessible to you and flexible according to your schedule’s demands. We understand how busy you are with trying to get everything that you need to complete done on time, and we work with your schedule to plan your tutoring sessions when you are able. We are available to meet with you in person or for you to receive your tutoring and other services via video conferencing. Your Going Ivy team is available to help you and to answer your questions at any time, 24 hours per day and seven days per week. We do not believe good tutoring involves just scheduling a session once in a while. Instead, we are fully invested in promptly responding to your text messages, phone calls and emails when we receive them.

Individualized and Tailored Programs

No matter what your tutoring needs might be, Going Ivy can tailor an individualized program just for you. We individualize all of our services according to your strengths and needs, and we recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. By incorporating your learning style into our lesson plans, we can adapt them to you so that it is easier for you to digest and conquer the toughest subjects. Our tutoring services are fully integrated with our admissions counseling services, allowing you to enjoy a comprehensive plan toward the ultimate goal of helping you to get accepted into your top-choice schools.

College admissions officers don’t simply just look at your grade point average. Some students think that they can sign up for easier courses, get As in them and skate into college. Admissions committees look beyond your overall GPA to the classes that you choose to take. They want to see that you have taken the most challenging classes that are available to you at your school and that you have gotten good grades in them.

By integrating our admissions counseling with our academic tutoring, we can help you to choose the courses that you should take while also helping you to get the best grades that you can in them. It will be important for you to select advanced placement or international baccalaureate classes if they are available at your school instead of their regular course versions. While these types of courses might be a lot more work, doing well in them demonstrates to college admissions officers that you are truly ready to handle the rigors of college classes. The Going Ivy team believes that you have the ability to do much better in difficult classes than you might believe, and we will help you to work toward reaching your personal potential.

Get Help from Going Ivy

Going Ivy’s team of expert counselors and tutors are ready to help you reach your goals. We work with students from all backgrounds. We do not want to only work with students who want to get into Ivy League schools. Instead, we are interested in helping any student with reaching his or her potential so that he or she can get into his or her top-choice school. To schedule your free initial consultation, call Going Ivy today.


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