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You can make yourself stand out more in your college applications by taking Spanish courses all four years of high school. If they are available, taking AP Spanish classes may help even more.

Choosing to take Spanish in high school may benefit you in multiple ways. It is the   in the world behind Chinese. In the U.S., 37 million people speak Spanish. When you learn Spanish, you will be able to communicate with more people in the U.S. and in the world. Taking Spanish in high school and excelling in it can also help you gain admission into your top-choice college or university. If you are having difficulty learning Spanish, you may benefit by getting help from one of the expert Spanish tutors at Going Ivy in order to internalize the material and score great grades.

Study Spanish with the Going Ivy Difference

Going Ivy is a team of educational experts, former admissions officers, academic counselors and world-class tutors. Our Spanish tutors are bilingual and are terrific communicators who understand how to convey difficult concepts in easy-to-understand ways. This can help you to learn the material much more quickly and to remember it during your Spanish learning process. Many of our students have discovered that they love Spanish and have enjoyed not only the language, but also their advanced courses in literature, history and culture.

The Importance of Learning Spanish

Researchers have found that becoming fluent in a second language can help people to develop stronger cognitive abilities. Becoming fluent in Spanish can also help you in your future career. Many companies advertise for people who are bilingual in English and Spanish and offer higher compensation levels to them.

When you are preparing to apply to college, you’ll find that most schools want applicants who have taken foreign languages in high school. Elite schools such as Yale prefer that students take increasingly more difficult classes in a foreign language during all four years of high school. You can make yourself stand out more in your college applications by taking Spanish courses all four years of high school. If they are available, taking AP Spanish classes may help even more. Researchers have found that students who take second languages score better on their standardized college admissions tests. because they have a better understanding of the structure of English.

The Going Ivy Difference: Spanish Tutoring

There are many companies and individuals who offer Spanish tutoring services. Unlike others, Going Ivy tutors do not use identical approaches to teaching Spanish to our students. We recognize that every student is unique and has his or her own learning style, personality, needs and strengths. Our Spanish tutors start by completing in-depth assessments of every student. This lets us find out what your base level of knowledge is, what your needs are, what your strengths are and what your learning style is. This helps our Spanish tutors to take that information and create a lesson plan that is designed to help you master the language concepts.

Our Spanish tutors are the best available. They are skillful teachers who work closely together with our students. This helps our students to learn Spanish much at the pace they need, picking up speed quickly. They also know that all students have different levels of motivation and that some students have trouble maintaining their motivation as high school progresses. We focus on helping you stay motivated and engaged in achieving your goals. Finally, we do not treat your Spanish class and test grades as singular goals that exist in isolation. We view your progress in high school holistically, recognizing that your Spanish goals are smaller steps along your path to getting into college and succeeding in life.

Many high school students are overwhelmed. They may struggle with time management as they try to fit in all of their activities, such as their jobs, volunteer work, extracurriculars and studies. You may be worried that you will simply not have enough time to squeeze in Spanish tutoring. We can assist you with developing stronger time-management and organizational skills so that you are better able to handle all of the demands that are placed on you.

Our services are convenient and flexible. We have Spanish tutors in many cities and communities who are able to meet you at your preferred location. You can also choose to come to one of our tutoring centers for help with your Spanish courses. Perhaps most convenient of all, some students enjoy our video conferencing Spanish tutoring option. With it, you can be tutored in Spanish from one of the embedded Spanish tutors who attend the nation’s most elite colleges. This can give you a glimpse of life on such campuses as Princeton and Yale. Our Spanish tutors also know that our students sometimes have questions in between their tutoring sessions. We are available to answer your questions by phone, text or email 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The team at Going Ivy is dedicated to helping you to grow and to reach your goals, and our Spanish tutors are heavily invested in your success.

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Choosing the best Spanish tutor for you is important. With the right tutor, you may enjoy an accelerated learning process and gain more confidence in your Spanish-speaking ability. At Going Ivy, we are committed to helping our prospective students by offering free, no-obligation initial consultations. We want all of our prospective students to make informed decisions about whether or not they want to move forward with us. During your consultation, you can get the answers to your questions. You should also expect us to ask you questions so that we can learn more about who you are and your goals. If you choose us for your Spanish tutoring, we will design a tailored plan for you to master Spanish. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule your consultation with the team at Going Ivy.

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