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Far from a dead language, a strong grasp of Latin will help on your standardized tests, English classes and more.

A majority of high schools required Latin until the early 1960s when it fell out of favor to modern languages like Spanish, French and more. In the past decade, however, there has been an increased interest in Latin and the classics, leading more schools to begin offering it again. If you are taking Latin in high school, you may see that the language itself is difficult, and it presents different challenges as well because it is not spoken today. With the help of the expert Latin tutors at Going Ivy, you can unpack the material and master Latin.

Study Latin with the Going Ivy Difference

Going Ivy is a leading college admissions counseling company with tutors to help in every subject toward your goal of gaining acceptance to the college of your dreams. Our team is comprised of professionals who have graduated from the most exclusive colleges in the country, including the schools of the Ivy League. Our Latin tutors are the best that you will find. They have a deep command of Latin combined with excellent communication skills. Their teaching abilities allow them to teach Latin to you in such a way that you will quickly grasp the conjugation, classical history and literature. With our Latin tutoring, your learning and grasp of Latin will accelerate, and your interest in the language and its modern reach will grow.

Why Study Latin in High School?

Many students question why they should even bother learning Latin because it is a “dead” language. There are many benefits that you can enjoy by learning Latin, however. Latin roots and words appear in numerous languages, and its study allows you to learn other languages more easily. In the English language alone, more than 60 percent of the vocabulary originates from Latin or Greek. While learning Latin will certainly help you if you plan to study the sciences or the law, it is also important for many other disciplines. Learning Latin can help you to broaden your vocabulary and reading comprehension because you will be able to decipher unfamiliar word meanings from their Latin root words.

The study of Latin involves a deep examination of its structure and grammar. This helps you to think in a more disciplined and logical way so that you can use those skills in your other subjects as well. On the SAT, researchers have found that Latin students consistently score higher on the critical reading section. According to William Fitzsimmons, Harvard dean of admissions, students who have taken Latin and who have done well in it stand out because very few of today’s students ever learn or master it. This means that you may improve your chances of gaining admission into an Ivy League college if you take Latin and excel in it. With help from the Latin tutors at Going Ivy, you can learn Latin and do well in your courses.

Latin Tutoring: The Going Ivy Difference

Finding a good Latin tutor is hard for many students. There simply aren’t very many Latin tutors because it wasn’t taught at many high schools for years. Going Ivy has found the good ones, and we approach the tutoring with a different philosophy. We are holistic in our Latin tutoring, understanding that your grades are milestones on your way to securing your ultimate goal of gaining admission to the school of your dreams. While our competitors often use the same teaching methods with every student, we individualize our instruction. Each student is unique and learns according to his or her own style. Our Latin tutors assess our students to identify the teaching methods that will work the best for them and create lesson plans that match them.

Our Latin tutors also focus on helping to increase your motivation and excitement, so you become engaged in your Latin studies. It is much easier to learn when you are excited by the process and the material. Whether your Latin tutors are helping you to enter the astonishing world revealed by such classics as the “Aeneid” or “Metamorphoses,” or they are simply working with you on the basic root words, they will be invested in helping you to reach your goals at every step of the way.

Today’s high school students struggle under the weight of many expectations and demands. You may be worried that you simply do not have any extra time to set aside for studying Latin. Going Ivy strives to be as convenient and flexible as we possibly can. Our Latin tutors are available to meet with you in your home, at your school or elsewhere. You can also choose to simply come to one of our tutoring centers to be tutored in Latin. We also offer the option of Latin tutoring via video conferences with our embedded Latin tutors. They are current students at the most elite colleges in the U.S. When you choose to receive your Latin tutoring in this way, you will also be able to ask your Latin tutor questions about what attending such schools as Harvard or Yale is really like.

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