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At many high schools across the United States, students have the option of taking AP history and government classes instead of their regular course counterparts. You can derive numerous benefits from taking these courses as long as you are able to do well in them. These classes provide a similar level of instruction to that of college-level classes, making them much more difficult than other classes at your high school. You might want to get help from our expert AP history and government tutors in order to earn the highest grades and the best scores that you can in your AP classes and tests.

AP History & Government Tutor with the Going Ivy Difference

Established in 2009 by a team of graduates of the country’s most elite schools, Going Ivy has years of experience helping students from all backgrounds with earning top grades and gaining admission into the best schools in the country. Our team includes world-class tutors, former admissions officers and expert admissions counselors who understand what it takes to achieve top grades and to get into highly selective colleges. Our AP history and government tutors are among the top minds in the industry and have superior communication skills. They are able to help you with all of the following classes and tests:

  • AP U.S. history
  • AP world history
  • AP U.S. government and politics
  • AP human geography
  • AP comparative government and politics
  • AP European history
  • AP macroeconomics
  • AP microeconomics

When you have the help of the AP history and government tutors at Going Ivy, you may achieve the highest grades that are possible and score fives on your AP exams.

Why Take AP History and Government Classes?

If you are able to do well in your AP history and government classes, you can receive multiple benefits by taking them. Most colleges give students who pass the AP history and government classes college credit for doing so. While it is true that most elite colleges do not grant college credit for passing the AP exams, they do consider them when students apply. If these rigorous courses are offered at your high school, exclusive colleges prefer that you take them.

The AP classes are designed by the College Board to provide college-level instruction to students in high school. These classes will require you to complete about 30 percent more homework and are very difficult. These courses may also help you to obtain advanced standing in college by allowing you to skip past some of the introductory government and history classes in college. Since they are difficult, it is important that you choose the ones that you have the greatest chance of earning high grades in so that you protect your GPA.

The Going Ivy Difference with AP History and Government Tutoring

There are many books, study guides, individuals and companies all promising help for your AP history and government classes. While the choices may seem bewildering in their scope, Going Ivy should be your first choice. We stand apart from the competition because of a combination of our expertise and our results-driven approach. While other companies and individuals tutor students in AP history and government classes using identical teaching methods, Going Ivy believes that students do better when they receive individualized instruction according to their needs.

If you choose us, your AP history and government tutors will first assess your starting point, your needs, your strengths and your learning style. This helps them to design your lesson plans to best address your needs while accelerating your learning. By concentrating on giving you the knowledge that you require to overcome your areas of weakness while gaining confidence from the areas that you’ve already mastered, our tutors are able to quickly bring you up to speed and then to stay ahead of the other students in your classes.

Our AP history and government tutors also work to help you become more motivated and then maintain your motivation at the highest level possible. We are focused on motivation because we know that students who are more engaged in their classes tend to do better in them.

Going Ivy is aware that many students are overwhelmed by the many demands that they have on their time, including balancing work, extracurriculars, volunteer activities and their studies. We help you find the time to devote to your AP history and government classes by giving you top time-management and organizational strategies that can help you to manage your entire schedule. We also work to be as convenient for you as possible. We have tutors who are able to tutor you in your home or another location that is convenient to you. You can also receive AP history and government classes tutoring help at one of our academic centers or by video conferences on your mobile device or laptop. The video conferencing option is great for many students because it allows you to be tutored by students who are currently attending the nation’s top schools, including some of the colleges of the Ivy League. You can then have the chance to learn more about what attending elite colleges is really like.

Call Going Ivy Today

At Going Ivy, we work with students regardless of where they’d like to attend college. Our goal is to help every student to achieve his or her potential and gain acceptance into the college that fits him or her the best. Because the choice of your AP history and government tutors is important, we facilitate your decision by offering free initial consultations. You can learn more about the services that we offer during your appointment. Contact Going Ivy to learn more about our AP history and government classes tutoring services and to schedule your consultation.

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