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The critical and analytical thinking abilities gained from studying physics can also help you answer questions across the various subject areas of the SAT and the ACT, helping you score higher.

Many high school students across the U.S. and the world think physics is difficult to understand. If you are taking physics, you may similarly dread it and just wish for the semester or school year to be over. But try not to rush it, because your physics course in high school is truly important for your college admissions and future. When you get help from an expert physics tutor at Going Ivy, you can achieve the best grade in your physics class while also developing terrific analytical and technical reasoning skills that will serve you well throughout your life.

Physics Tutoring with the Going Ivy Difference

Going Ivy is a premier academic counseling and tutoring company that assists students nationwide with improving in their classes and gaining admission into the schools that best fit them. We are graduates of the most elite colleges in the U.S. and our track-record is stellar with the students we’ve helped. Our physics tutors are among the top minds in the field, and they have great communication skills. They are able to teach difficult concepts to you in an easily digestible way so you can learn the information and retain it, and perhaps even choose to take the SAT subject test in physics.

Why is Studying Physics Important?

Studying physics helps you to understand the world around you and how things work. It is important for both the general public as well as for students who want to go to college. According to Cornell, physics can be credited for much of modern technology such as computer science and the internet. With physics, you will be able to understand how objects move in space and the impact of forces on them for acceleration, torque and speed. According to the American Institute of Physics, studying physics helps you with the tools that are needed for solving complex technical problems. These types of critical and analytical thinking abilities can also help you to answer questions across the various subject areas of the SAT and the ACT, helping you obtain better scores.

Getting an A in your AP physics course and scoring a five on your AP exam can help you to stand out to admissions officers. Since AP courses are designed to be similar to what you can expect in college, your performance in them demonstrates that you are ready for college. Your Going Ivy physics tutor can help you do well in physics so that it can help you in high school, college and beyond.

How Going Ivy Helps with Physics Tutoring

If you have been trying to find help with your physics class, you may have noticed that there are many companies and tutors who are offering their services. Choosing the physics tutors at Going Ivy is the best choice because of our unique approach. We are results-driven and holistic in our focus, recognizing that your physics grade does not exist as a singular goal. Instead, your grade in physics is part of the overarching goal of getting accepted into the college of your choice.

Our approach also differs from that of other companies because we individualize and tailor our students’ plans. We begin by learning more about your base level of knowledge and your learning style. We then identify your strengths and areas of weakness, incorporating all of that information to develop a comprehensive tutoring plan that can facilitate your learning of physics. Many tutors and companies try to use the same physics instruction with every student, and we have found that students do not do as well when they receive instruction that is not tailored to their individual needs.

Our physics tutors know that each student has a different level of motivation. Some students need a little extra push to ignite their personal motivation to achieve their goals. We will not pull you along making you dependent on help; we want to have you take the steps on your own. By focusing on motivation, our physics tutors give our students the tools that they need to succeed in their classes while also becoming more engaged in and excited about the physics learning process.

Going Ivy’s physics tutoring is convenient, and our tutors are flexible in order to meet your needs. We have physics tutors located near you and able to meet with you at your chosen location. You can also receive your physics tutoring at our tutoring center or choose to be tutored in physics by video conferencing from anywhere. We have physics tutors who are current students at the nation’s most elite schools, including the Ivy League colleges. Receiving your physics instruction by video conferencing with one of our embedded tutors can give you added insight into life on the campus of an exclusive college. Our physics tutors are truly dedicated to our students and invested in helping them to achieve their goals. They are available to answer any questions that you might have 24 hours per day and seven days per week. You can always reach a Going Ivy team member by text, phone or email at any time for help.

Schedule Your Going Ivy Consultation Today

In order to help you decide whether physics tutoring with Going Ivy is the right option for you, Going Ivy offers no-obligation and free initial consultations. You can ask all of the questions that you feel are important during your consultation. We will likewise ask you questions in order to help us better understand your individual needs and goals. If you choose to move forward with a physics tutor at Going Ivy, he or she will then work to create an individualized lesson plan that will work the best for you. Call Going Ivy today to schedule a consultation and to begin your personal journey.

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