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Colleges want to have diverse student bodies, and admitting international students facilitates the exposure of students to different cultures, ideas and enriching experiences.

If you are a student who lives in a different country and wants to attend a college in the U.S., you will likely find that the process is complex and daunting. It is important that you understand how to present your information in a way that showcases your accomplishments and that admissions officers can understand. Other countries may rely on different grading scales, and you may need to provide contextual information so that the admissions officers are able to decipher your extracurricular activities, grades, test scores and other information in your application packets. Going Ivy understands the unique challenges that are faced by international students who wish to apply to the top schools in the U.S., and we are able to help you understand the process and shine so that your chances of being admitted will be higher.

How Going Ivy Can Help

Going Ivy is a full-service admissions consulting and tutoring firm that helps students to navigate the complex college admissions process. We are graduates of the top U.S. schools. Our team includes top admissions counselors, former admissions officers, educational consultants and world-class tutors. We understand the steps that are required for gaining admission into the best schools in the U.S., and we are able to work one-on-one with international students to familiarize them with the admissions process for U.S. universities and colleges.

The Importance of International Students on U.S. Campuses

In the 2014-2015 school year, almost 1 million international students attended U.S. universities and colleges. Part of the reason for the great interest in attending college in the U.S. is the amount (more than 4,000) of institutions of higher education available. In some countries, there are simply not enough universities available to accommodate all of the students who are qualified. By choosing to attend college in the U.S., students may find the institutions that are the right match for them.

International students offer many benefits to American institutions when they choose to attend them. Colleges want to have diverse student bodies and to encourage cross-cultural exchanges of ideas and values. By admitting international students, American colleges can facilitate the exposure of students to different cultures and ideas, allowing for a deeply enriching experience. The Institute of International Education reports that international students added more than $35 billion to the economy in the U.S. in 2015, demonstrating the positive impact that international students have.

International students may face unique challenges that other students applying to college in the U.S. do not have. Many countries outside of the U.S. have different educational trajectories than American schools have. In schools in Europe, for instance, students may choose whether or not they will continue on to attend a vocational college or a university at age 16 or 17. In the U.S., students graduate from high school at age 17 or 18. Many U.S. colleges have more of a liberal arts focus, meaning that students who attend will be expected to take up to two years of general curriculum courses in a variety of topics. Many schools in the U.S. allow international students to apply without having to first declare a major. They can spend the initial two years determining what major to choose. International students may also need to improve their English skills so that they can be prepared for the language skills that they will be expected to use in college classes. The English skills that allowed you to obtain a high score on the TOEFL may not be enough, meaning that getting help from an experienced English language tutor and practicing as much as possible may be very important.

The Going Ivy Difference: Helping International Students Seeking College Admission

All of the team members at Going Ivy are very aware of the unique challenges that international students face when they are applying to colleges and universities in the United States. Because of the differences in the educational system in the U.S. and those of other countries, it is important that you frame your schooling in a way that is understandable to admissions officers. Grades should similarly be communicated in a way that shows admissions committees that you have earned top scores in rigorous courses. At Going Ivy, we work with our students throughout the entire process. We can assist you with telling your story in a manner that clearly communicates why your chosen university should choose you. Our world-class tutors are also available to help you with improving your English skills beyond a conversational level to the high-level skills that you will need to handle your classes.

Going Ivy takes a holistic and results-driven approach when helping our students. We recognize that getting into an elite school in the U.S. is a big-picture goal that is made up of numerous smaller steps. We can help you to become familiar with the process and assist you with accomplishing all of the individual tasks.

Working with Going Ivy is convenient. We are able to help you and work across multiple time zones. We are reachable via text message, phone call and email, and we offer video conferencing to help you with your admissions counseling and tutoring needs. We care about the success of our students and work hard for everyone to help them to achieve their goals.

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