Going Ivy is recognized as one of the leading academic counseling and college preparation companies in the nation. We help students from all backgrounds through the college preparation and application processes and are focused on assisting our students with gaining admission into their top-choice schools. The foundation of our company is our top-flight team. We are comprised of a team of top education professionals, including world-class tutors, expert counselors and top educational consultants. All of our team members are dedicated to providing the highest-quality services for our clients. Our approach is innovative and collaborative, and we care about our clients. Our team comes from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences, helping us to offer unique perspectives that help to drive us forward.

We are looking for team members who can add their own unique combinations of experiences and perspectives to Going Ivy. If you are an organized big thinker who has a passion for helping students to achieve their individual goals, you may find that Going Ivy is the ideal environment for you.

Available Positions

Going Ivy has several positions that are available for professionals who have excellent qualifications and experience. If you have what it takes for any of our available jobs, we invite you to apply for consideration.

Admissions professionals

Going Ivy is actively seeking qualified and experienced college admissions professionals. Ideal candidates are people who have prior experience working as admissions officers or substantial experience in the college preparation and admissions field. The higher-education landscape frequently changes, and we need professionals who understand that and who are able to adjust the guidance that they can offer accordingly. We are looking for independent professionals who are able to guide our students and to help them navigate through the complex processes involved with gaining admission into their choice colleges.


Many of Going Ivy’s clients need tutoring services, and we offer tutoring in nearly every high school course topic. Our ideal tutors are people who have mastery of the subjects that they teach and who also have excellent communication skills. Our tutors are subject-matter experts who understand how to design and implement tailored lesson plans for our clients and then teach the information in ways that make the information easy to comprehend and to retain. If you have specialized knowledge in a specific course area and believe that you understand how to adjust your teaching style to match the learning style of different students, consider applying to work as a tutoring services team member for Going Ivy.

Test-preparation professionals

Going Ivy recognizes the importance that standardized tests have for admissions committees at many colleges and universities. We are committed to helping our students increase their scores on these tests as much as possible. We are always searching for talented instructors who have achieved scores in the top percentiles of these standardized tests and who also understand how to convey the test-taking skills and strategies that our students can use to achieve the best results. Our test-preparation sessions are completed through one-on-one meetings in person or via video conferencing.

Why Going Ivy?

Besides being able to work in a team-based and dynamic environment, a key feature of choosing to work with Going Ivy is the flexibility that doing so affords. As a core team member, you will be free to innovate while also being involved in a collaborative effort. Many of our team members work as independent contractors, which allows them to have control over the hours that they choose to work and the assignments that they accept. If you prize your flexibility and autonomy, choosing Going Ivy may be a great option for you.

The process

In order to join the team at Going Ivy, you will need to go through a three-step process:

1. Apply

To express your interest in joining the Going Ivy team, call or email us at [email protected] and tell us which position you are interested in. One of our team members will respond to your message and will send you an application or invite you to learn more about our potential opportunities for independent contractors.

2. Interview

After we have received your application, we will need to interview you in order for both you and Going Ivy to decide whether we are the right fit for each other. Your interview will not be typical. Instead, we ask our candidates behavioral-based questions since we are in the business of communicating information. We sometimes also engage in mock meetings with clients. Our goal is to make certain that we find team members who have a complete understanding of what our expectations are and how we work, so we design our interviews to help us to learn more about you.

3. Decision

Whether you are wanting to join our team as a core employee or to instead work with us as an independent contractor like many of our tutors, our goal is to make certain that everyone with whom we work in any capacity is valued and is able to receive meaningful projects and to do work that they value.

Whether you are wanting to join our team as a core employee or to instead work with us as an independent contractor like many of our tutors, our goal is to make certain that everyone with whom we work in any capacity is valued and is able to receive meaningful projects and to do work that they value.

Going Ivy recognizes that the foundation of our company is our team. We value all of the professionals who work for or with us whether they are employees or independent contractors. If you believe that Going Ivy might be the right fit for you, contact us today and get started on the process for joining our highly qualified and valued team.

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