First-Generation US Applicants

First-Generation US Applicants

The steps to gain admission to college may seem especially daunting for students with parents who did not attend college in the United States.

If you are the first person in your family to apply for college in the United States, the process may seem overwhelming and difficult for you and your parents. The U.S. college admissions system differs dramatically from what occurs in such other countries as Canada, China, India, Russia and more, and both you and your parents might be unfamiliar with how it works here. Going Ivy has helped many students who are first-generation U.S. college applicants to navigate the college admissions process and to gain admission into their top schools, including the colleges of the Ivy League. We can demystify the process and offer you the help that you need to improve your chances of gaining admission into your dream college.

How Going Ivy Can Help

Going Ivy is a team that is made up of top-flight tutors, educational consultants, admissions counselors and expert educational consultants. We have attended and graduated from the top universities and colleges in the world, including Harvard. We understand the college admissions process for the nation’s top schools. We are able to help you through the entire process, starting in your freshman year and during each subsequent year of high school. Going Ivy has had tremendous success helping first-generation U.S. college applicants gain admission to top universities across the country. We strongly believe that first-generation U.S. applicants bring a unique perspective that is an asset to any college, and we know how to show that to college admissions officers. Our team members understand that first-generation college applicants may have special issues with trying to communicate their backgrounds in a manner that speaks to the admissions officer, demonstrating that having the students on their campuses will help to create a more well-rounded and vibrant student body.

The Importance of Being a First-Generation U.S. College Applicant

First-generation U.S. college applicants may face different issues than students whose parents attended college in the U.S. First-generation U.S. college applicants are students whose parents are highly educated but who attended college or university in another country and subsequently immigrated to the U.S. Since their parents attended college, even though it was in a different country, these students do not receive the special consideration that applicants whose parents did not attend college anywhere receive. The National Center for Education Statistics defines first-generation students as those students whose parents did not attend college. First-generation U.S. applicants are not considered to be among that group since their parents did attend institutions of higher learning. If you are a child of parents who attended college in a foreign country and who later moved to the U.S., you may feel at a disadvantage in the college admissions process.

The Going Ivy Difference: Helping First-Generation U.S. College Applicants Gain Admission

Many college admissions consultants use one-size-fits-all approaches to college admissions. Going Ivy is a leading full-service college admissions, tutoring and counseling firm. Unlike our competitors, we recognize the importance of using tailored approaches for the needs of every student and family. Our approach is industry-leading and results-driven. We start by conducting in-depth interviews with our students so that we can identify their strengths, needs and personal attributes. We then develop customized plans to help them work toward their college admissions goals.

We use a holistic approach to the college admissions process because we understand that getting into college involves more than just scoring top scores on your SAT or ACT or getting As in your classes. We help with your high school course selection, extracurricular planning, tutoring services and assistance with editing your essays and applications. We explain the process; the nuances between early decision, early action and regular admissions; the strategy for letters of recommendation; and more. We are available to answer your questions seven days per week and 24 hours per day via phone calls, text messages and emails.

At Going Ivy, we pride ourselves on the quality of our tutors and counselors. Are tutors are subject-matter experts and are among the top minds in their respective fields. We have tutors who are currently at the nation’s top universities and colleges, including Harvard, Princeton and Stanford. We offer our students the option of receiving tutoring in person with one of our tutors who are on the ground or via video conferencing with one of our embedded tutors. We understand how to inspire and motivate students so that you can maintain the drive that will be necessary to complete all of the tasks that will be required along the way. Our counselors understand the unique needs of first-generation U.S. college applicants and are able to help you frame your story in a way that helps you to truly stand out. We also work closely with families who may not be familiar with the process to understand the steps involved and to help everyone feel comfortable and have less anxiety about it.

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