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If you do well in math courses including calculus in high school, college admissions officers will see that are prepared for the high-level material you will encounter in college.

If you want to get accepted into an elite college in the U.S. or the world, taking calculus in high school and doing well in it may help your chances of success. Highly selective schools like to see that their applicants have taken rigorous courses during all four years of high school, and some colleges with specialized science and math programs require that you take calculus in high school. This subject is known for its difficulty, and getting the help of a highly qualified tutor might help you to master it so that you will be prepared for the high-level math that you will encounter in college.

How Going Ivy Can Help You with Calculus

Established in 2009, Going Ivy has helped many students from across the U.S. and the world with gaining admission into their top-choice schools. Our team members are graduates of some of the most elite colleges in the nation, including Harvard and the other Ivy League schools. We have world-class tutors with whom we work, and they are the top scholars in their fields. Our calculus tutors have a deep level of knowledge about difficult math concepts and are able to communicate highly complex information to you in a way that is easy to understand and to retain. We have had great success with helping our students obtain the top grades in their calculus courses and AP exams, and many of our students have gone on to attend some of the best colleges in the U.S. and the world.

Why Calculus Tutoring is Important

In the past, students didn’t take calculus until they got to college. That has changed as a large number of high schools have expanded their curricular offerings to include calculus courses. With increasing competition to gain admission into colleges across the country, more and more of the best students are opting to take calculus in high school. If it is offered at your school, take it. Most colleges require at least one calculus course for students who choose to major in a science or math area, including physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, math and others. Most exclusive colleges also either prefer that students take calculus in high school or recommend it. It is a good idea to treat such recommendations as requirements because of the strong competition among highly qualified applicants. You should also strive to score the best grades that you can in your calculus class so that you can improve your admissions chances.

If you take four years of rigorous math courses including calculus during your senior year, admissions officers will see that those classes have prepared you well for the high-level material you will encounter in college. It is equally important to obtain excellent grades in your classes, including calculus. If you are talented in math, choosing to take AP calculus will look even better. One benefit of choosing AP calculus is that if you opt to attend a state school, many will give you college credit if you pass your AP calculus exam. Calculus is important as well because it involves a different type of mathematical thought and can help you with the types of critical thinking skills that can benefit you in your other classes and on your standardized tests. The SAT test now includes some questions on its math section that require pre-calculus. The analytical thinking skills that the study of calculus can offer to you will also help you to improve your scores in your other subtests on your ACT or SAT as well. If you are having trouble understanding the concepts in your calculus class, getting help from a great calculus tutor is vital so that you don’t fall behind.

The Going Ivy Difference: Top Calculus Tutoring Services

Many companies and private tutors advertise their calculus tutoring services, but Going Ivy is the best choice for multiple reasons. We offer an individualized approach to all of our students because we recognize that each student has his or her own unique learning style, strengths, needs and foundational baselines. Our tutors are the best in the industry and have excellent teaching and communication abilities. This allows them to impart their knowledge of calculus to you in an easily digestible manner.

Your calculus tutor will start by assessing you so that he or she can develop a customized plan to address your needs. He or she will then work together with you hand-in-hand to help inspire your motivation to learn the material and help you obtain the best scores possible. We have helped many students learn to love calculus over the years.

We pride ourselves on our accessibility and convenience. You can choose to receive your calculus tutoring at your own chosen location, or you can opt to come to one of our tutoring centers for help. We also offer calculus tutoring by video conferencing with students who are currently enrolled in the top colleges in the nation, including the Ivy League schools. This gives you an additional benefit by allowing you to learn more about what life is like on the campuses of such institutions as Harvard, Yale, Princeton and others. We are also available to answer your questions whenever you have them. We answer our text messages, emails and phone calls 24 hours per day and seven days per week. The goal of Going Ivy is to help you to realize your potential, as we care about you, your progress and your ultimate success.

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At Going Ivy, our sole focus is on helping you in your classes, on your tests, on your college applications and in everything that is involved in the college admissions process. We offer all of our prospective students the opportunity to have a free, no-obligation consultation so that we can learn more about you and answer your questions. Call us today to schedule your appointment and to learn more about how our calculus tutors can help.

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