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If you want to go to college, you will need to take biology. And if you want to get into a highly selective college, you should choose AP or IB biology if your school offers it.

Biology is an important course in high school because it is required by most colleges and universities. For highly selective schools, it is important to take AP or IB biology, and those courses are even more difficult because they are similar to what you will encounter in your college classes. If you are like many other students, you may struggle with your biology course. Getting the help of a high-quality biology tutor at Going Ivy can help you conquer your biology course material so that you can earn the best grade possible.

How Going Ivy Helps with Biology Tutoring

Made up of a team of world-class tutors, former admissions officers and expert educational consultants and counselors, Going Ivy is comprised of people who have all graduated from the most elite schools in the U.S. Our biology tutors are the best in the industry. In addition to being subject-matter experts, they are also highly skilled communicators and instructors. This allows them to convey complex biology concepts in an easily understandable manner. Our biology tutors have helped many students to obtain the top grades in their biology classes and the highest scores on their AP exams.

Why the Study of Biology is Important

The College Board reports that colleges and universities want to see that applicants have taken three years of science classes in high school, including biology. Elite schools want applicants who have taken the most rigorous versions available at their schools such as AP or IP biology classes. In other words, if you want to go to college, you will need to take biology, and if you want to get into a highly selective college, you should choose AP or IB biology if your school offers these options.

When you are studying biology, you will learn information that will later appear on your standardized tests. The ACT has a specific science section, and the SAT may even include some reading comprehension questions pertaining to science, with some questions relating to the information that you have learned in biology.

The study of biology involves learning about living organisms so that you can understand the processes involved in life. Through studying biology, you can learn about many different topics, including exercise science, health, nutrition and the process involved with diseases. This may spark an interest that could lead to a college major or career.

By obtaining an A in your AP biology class and scoring a five on your AP exam, you can also demonstrate to college admissions officers that you have what it takes to succeed in your future college classes. The quality biology tutors at Going Ivy can make the difference for your success in your biology class and in your future college applications.

The Going Ivy Difference with Biology Tutoring

If you are struggling with your biology class, you may have looked at bookstores and online to discover that there are many books and companies offering biology tutoring help. Going Ivy is a superior choice because of the depth of our experience and expertise along with our holistic, results-driven and industry-leading approach. While many companies and individual tutors use the same teaching methods with every student, Going Ivy instead tailors your education plan according to your individual learning style, needs and strengths. This helps you by facilitating your understanding of the material while also accelerating your mastery of it. We begin by completing a thorough evaluation of your personality, goals, knowledge level, areas of need and strengths. We use that information to create an in-depth roadmap that you can then follow with your biology tutor so that you can accomplish your goals.

While we know that all students have varying levels of motivation during their high school years, some students have lower levels. We understand how to help you to access your internal motivation so that you can become excited and engaged in learning about biology. When this happens, you will find that learning the concepts in your class will become much easier, and you may end up learning to love your course.

Going Ivy is dedicated to flexibility and convenience in order to help you find the time to receive your biology tutoring services. We have tutors who are on-the-ground and who are able to meet you at a location of your choosing. You can also receive your biology tutoring instruction at one of our convenient academic tutoring centers. Finally, we offer one-on-one biology tutoring with tutors who are embedded at the most elite institutions in the country, including Princeton, Yale and Stanford. When you choose video conferencing as your instructional method, you will also gain some insight into what life on an elite campus is like. You can also receive answers to your questions 24 hours per day and seven days per week. Our biology tutors truly want to help you to reach your goals and to be successful in your life.

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Going Ivy facilitates prospective students with making informed decisions about our biology tutoring and other services by offering free, no-obligation consultations. During your meeting, you will be asked questions, and you will likewise be able to ask us all that you want to know. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you with biology tutoring and to start your personal journey toward success.

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