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Going Ivy tutors have extensive knowledge of English literature and great communication skills so that they are able to explain themes, plot points, stories and other important aspects of great works.

Many high school students who aren’t natural book or poetry lovers dread studying literature in their high school English classes and do not understand why doing so is required. The literature components of high school English coursework are required for most students in order to graduate. If you also want to attend college, you will need to do well in your English literature courses. If you are having trouble reading and understanding the classic literature in your English classes, you might need to get help from a high-quality English literature tutor from Going Ivy. With our help, you can learn to identify the major themes of these works and to develop a strong understanding of them so that you can earn the type of grades that you have the potential of earning.

English Literature Tutor with the Going Ivy Difference

At Going Ivy, we are the premier academic tutoring and admissions counseling company for students who dream of attending their top school choices. Our team includes former admissions officers, expert educational consultants, academic counselors and world-class tutors who have all graduated from the world’s top colleges, including Ivy League schools. Our English literature tutors are the best who are available. They have extensive knowledge of English literature and great communication skills so that they can explain the themes, plot points, stories and other important aspects of the great works that you will be reading in a way that is thought-provoking, easily understandable and memorable. With our help, you will be able to unlock these great works, earn excellent grades and maybe even develop a love of literature.

Why Studying English Literature in High School is Important

Some students have trouble with their English literature course material because they simply do not understand the connections that reading such works as “Othello,” “Hamlet,” “A Farewell to Arms” or “1984” have to modern life. While you may see few parallels between these characters and your life, reading these and other classic works in your high school is important for several reasons. By placing yourself in the shoes of the characters in these stories, you can understand how different events affect people, which may assist you in developing greater empathy for others who you will encounter in life.

Your study of English literature can provide you a better understanding of the experiences of people during different periods of history as well as how different events influenced the development of modern culture. By studying literature, you may also become better at identifying themes and understanding the types of personality, psychology and conduct that you should avoid in your life. By studying literature with an expert English tutor, you may also enrich your vocabulary as you gain an understanding of unfamiliar words that you will encounter in your reading. Developing strong critical reading skills and adding new words to your lexicon can translate into higher scores on your ACT and SAT as well as to stronger college applications. Students who have firm foundations in English literature may be better able to deal with difficult events in their own lives, and they may be able to paint truer pictures of who they are when they are writing their college application essays.

The Going Ivy Difference with English Literature Tutoring

If you are struggling with your English literature classes, you may have come across countless books that promise to break these works down for you. You may also have found that there are numerous companies and individuals who offer to tutor you in English literature. Going Ivy is a superior choice because of our expertise and our unique approach to English literature tutoring and other college-bound services. We use techniques that are research-based, results-driven and holistic in order to offer our students the best potential outcomes in their classes and goals. We view your grades in your English literature classes as smaller goals on your way to achieving your ultimate goal of gaining acceptance into your dream college, which helps us to offer you better services in general.

Unlike other academic tutoring companies, we believe it is important to tailor our English literature instruction according to the needs of each individual student. Our competitors use identical teaching methods and approaches with all students. Our experience and research indicate that individualized, one-on-one instruction provides much better outcomes than do one-size-fits-all methods. Our tutors begin by interviewing you to gain a strong understanding of your starting point, your areas of need, your strengths and your learning style. With this information, they are able to create lesson plans that are tailored to you so that you can derive the greatest benefit from the English literature tutoring you receive.

Going Ivy recognizes that every student has his or her own motivational level. Some students who begin as highly motivated students lose motivation over time while others start out with low levels of motivation. We focus on motivation in order to help you to access and ignite your internal drive and then work with you to maintain your motivation to succeed. We are focused on motivation because students who have strong motivations to learn are engaged and excited in the material, helping them to earn better grades and test scores in their classes and on their tests.

Our English literature tutors are flexible and strive to make their services convenient. We have tutors who can come to your home, school or another preferred location of your choosing to tutor you in English literature. You can also come to one of our academic tutoring centers to receive your tutoring in English literature or receive help from one of our embedded English literature tutors via video conferences. Our embedding tutors are currently attending such colleges as Princeton and Yale. When you work with them, you will enjoy the added benefit of seeing a slice of life on the campus of a highly exclusive school.

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At Going Ivy, we understand that your choice in an English literature tutor is highly important to you and to your ultimate outcomes in your classes. We offer free, no-obligation consultations to our prospective students so that you can make better-informed decisions. You will be able to ask us your questions during your appointment while we take the time to learn more about you. Call us today to schedule your consultation and to learn about our English literature tutoring and other services.

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