How to Get into Yale

If you dream of attending Yale and wonder how you might get in, it is important that you achieve the top grades and ACT or SAT scores and that you write a great personal statement that showcases your writing ability and your depth of thought. You will also need to participate in extracurricular activities that help you to demonstrate that you are a leader. An interview, though not required as stated by Brown, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania and Harvard, is highly recommended. Located in New Haven, Connecticut, Yale is an Ivy League university that is known throughout the world for its leading research, stellar faculty and talented students. Graduates of Yale are known as thought leaders and captains of industry, and Yale enjoys one of the strongest alumni networks in the world.

Yale Facts

Motto: Lux et veritas (Light and truth)
Established: 1701
School Type: Private
Location: New Haven, Connecticut
Athletics: NCAA Division I FCS – Ivy League
Nickname: Bulldogs


What Grades Do I Need to Get into Yale?

In order to get into Yale, you will need to be at the top or near the top of your graduating class. Yale does not publish average calculated GPAs for its admitted students. However, the school states that it wants to see students who have demonstrated strong performances in college preparatory programs, including taking the most rigorous courses available at your school. You should aim to achieve a weighted GPA of at least 4.19 or higher. Most students who are accepted for admission by Yale have high school transcripts that contain nearly all As. According to James Marshall Crotty, a former application reader for Yale, the admissions office wants to see that you have taken increasingly more difficult courses, including AP or IB classes, and that you have scored top grades in them.

What SAT or ACT Scores Do I Need to Get into Yale?



In order to get into Yale, you should also strive to achieve the best scores possible on your SAT or ACT test. But you only want to take these tests once or twice, because Yale requires that you send all your scores in and does not follow Score Choice. Yale states that it does not have any cutoffs for standardized test scores. However, the school says that the range of scores for admitted freshman ranging from the 25th to the 75th percentile on the ACT is 32 to 35. For the SAT test, it indicates that the 25th and 75th percentiles are as follows:

  • SAT-Verbal: 710 to 800
  • SAT-Math: 710 to 790

For the best chance of getting into Yale, you should aim to score at the upper end of the school’s percentile ranges.


What SAT Subject Tests Do I Need to Take to Get into Yale?

Yale does not require students to take particular subject tests. You should take subject tests in areas that align with your interests and talents so that you can get better scores. The school wants students to take at least two different subject tests. But, again, because the school does not allow for Score Choice, if you retake the same subject tests, you need to submit each score.

What Extracurricular Activities Do I Need to Get into Yale?

Some students mistakenly believe that participating in as many extracurricular activities as humanly possible will make them more attractive as a Yale candidate. To get into Yale, it is best for you to choose one or two extracurricular activities that you are passionate about. The school wants to see that applicants have continuously participated in their chosen extracurricular activities during all four years of high school. They also want to see that students have assumed leadership roles within their activities. As James Crotty states in Forbes, elite colleges such as Yale want to build well-rounded classes of specialists instead of a group of jacks-of-all-trades.

What Should I Write About in My Personal Statement to Get into Yale?

Your personal statement and short essays are a very important part of your application to Yale because it allows you to reveal your personality while also showcasing your terrific writing skills. Yale does not want to see a listing of your activities in your personal statement. Most admitted students focus on events or topics through which they can show who they are. The admissions office states that the school wants students to choose topics for their essays that are meaningful to them. You should take writing your personal statement seriously if you want to get into Yale.

Getting into Yale is difficult. The school is highly selective and admitted just 2,272 out of 32,900 applicants for an acceptance rate of 6.9 percent. While it can be hard to get into Yale, with hard work and the right help, it is possible. Going Ivy has built a successful record of helping many students gain admission to Yale, and we have the experience to help you to work toward your dreams.

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