About Going Ivy

Going Ivy is a full-service college admissions consulting group to help you prepare your grades, test scores, application and yourself for acceptance into your dream college. We offer personalized tutoring and consulting to students of all backgrounds, personalities and academic abilities. While we’ve helped students gain acceptances to all of the colleges of the Ivy League and the nation’s most highly selective schools, we also help students get into state universities and any other school that matches their academic abilities, personality and budget. There is a perfect college out there for every student, and we can help you find it. The perfect college will challenge you to achieve more than you ever have before, and that challenge starts well before you arrive on campus. Your high school grades, test scores, passions and unique story all make up the full picture you’ll submit to the schools of your choice. We are a team of independent education consultants to support you as you put in the hard work of preparing for college. We believe college admissions isn’t a series of tricks to say the right thing to earn an acceptance letter. It is about showing the best of who you truly are and what you want to be. Instead of “packaging” yourself into what you think colleges are looking for, our method is to help you present your unique self in the best possible light.

About Our Holistic Approach

Ours is a holistic approach to college counseling: Going Ivy team members invest time up-front to get to know each student—what drives you, your passions, the future you want. We recognize that college admission includes your grades in high school, your test scores and the story you tell in your application. We offer tutoring and test prep to complement the ultimate goal of college acceptance.

Our unique approach ensures you’re not just trying to get into a top school, but rather finding the best school for you and your future goals.

Step 1: Review

Reviewing your unique attributes and needs as a college applicant means your Going Ivy college consultant will ask lots of questions. We won’t ask you to fill out a questionnaire and do the work on your own. You may be a leader, but what kind of leader are you? We will follow up and get to know who you are and what story you are starting to tell.

Step 2: Roadmap

Based on the time we spend getting to know you, we’ll identify your strengths, areas for opportunity and what will make you stand out to admissions officers. We’ll develop a step-by-step comprehensive roadmap of not only the timing of test-taking, essay-writing, interview prep and application-submitting, but also the strategy and motivation to complete it all.

Step 3: Results

We work with you to implement your custom plan with the goal of acceptance letters from your dream schools. But the lasting results will be ways to manage stress, boost confidence, stay organized, present (not package) yourself, set goals and know yourself.

It is our mission at Going Ivy to provide comprehensive guidance throughout the college-application process. We are college admissions experts, former admissions officers and graduates from top universities. Our goal is simple: to creatively and efficiently maximize our students’ chances of gaining admission to the college or school of their dreams.

Our Results

Founded in 2009, Going Ivy has worked with students and families to organize research papers on cyberbullying, bump up ACT scores by five points, edit and reedit a personal statement on a collection of scarves until it was perfect (or perfect enough for Princeton—and it was), and gain acceptances from some of the most selective schools in the country, including Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Columbia and many more. Our services are comprehensive to a student’s needs toward college admissions: tutoring, standardized test prep, helping identify the right schools for each unique candidate, application support and more. Along the way, we’ve seen the students change from reluctant to ready. They are ready not just for college, but for adulthood.

The holistic view of college admissions at Going Ivy simply recognizes that your application to the college of your choice is just one piece of getting into college. Your high school grades matter most, and your scores on standardized tests cannot be ignored. Going Ivy provides tutoring in all high school subjects with a team of experts as well as individual preparation for standardized tests because these are all pieces to the college admissions process. We believe success in college acceptances is about being prepared and staying motivated.

Going Ivy will prepare you for college success by guiding you through the right high school courses, organizing your application requirements and deadlines, and explaining what choice of college might be best for you, from safe bets to highly selective schools. Our guidance is personalized to you. Through constant continuing education and research on colleges, trends and strategy, Going Ivy’s expert independent admissions counselors transfer all our knowledge to our students. There may not be a prescribed formula to getting into a particular school, but there are actions you can take to improve the probability. We meet regularly with you to keep you on an organized roadmap to success not just in college acceptances, but success throughout college and beyond.

The Going Ivy Difference

No college admissions consultant or tutor can guarantee that you will be admitted to the school of your choice or get the top score. But at Going Ivy, here is what we will promise:

  • We will not be available only during “office hours.” Our tutors and counselors are always available to our students and parents.
  • We will not ask you to fill out forms on your own or plug you into a “category” of student. We will ask the questions and listen to your answers to provide context and detail about what schools would be right for you.
  • We will not write essays for students or do the work for them. We will give guidance, support, feedback, editing assistance and encouragement. We are ethical and honest professionals who want to see our students motivated to do the work themselves.
  • We will encourage students to apply to schools that are the best fit for them, not pushing them into applying anywhere the students can’t see themselves.
  • We will stay up-to-date on admissions news, trends, technology and best practices.
  • We will see the potential in all students, no matter their grades, talents, backgrounds, beliefs or personalities.
  • We will work with our students and their parents. We will be a team.

Contact Going Ivy to Schedule Your Consultation

There are many experts in college admissions. Some only focus on a type of student or a type of school. Some only have pricing packages that are not flexible to your needs. Going Ivy’s free initial interview, either in person or through videoconferencing, helps us get to know you and your needs, and from there we can offer options from a la carte essay editing and AP exam prep to comprehensive college admissions consulting. Students and families choose whichever option is best for them.

Going Ivy’s mission is to prepare students for college acceptance wherever they choose. Our priority is the student’s success, and we are invested in the outcome.

In order to help you with your decision, we offer all of our prospective students free, no-obligation consultations. Call us today to learn more about how we can help and to schedule your appointment.

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