Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does Going Ivy just focus on students who want to attend Ivy League colleges?

No. Going Ivy helps students from all backgrounds to get into the schools that match them the best. We believe that every student has a school that fits him or her the best, and we work to help our students with identifying their ideal schools and gaining admission into them. We also have had great success with helping students who dream of attending Ivy League colleges to gain admission into them. We are dedicated to helping students who want to find the colleges that are the best fit for them whether or not those schools are in-state universities or elite institutions. Our mission is helping our students get accepted into their top-fit schools rather than trying to place them into schools at which they do not mesh well.

2. How much does Going Ivy charge?

We offer tailored services according to your needs. Since every student is different, each plan will likewise be unique. We start with a no-obligation, free consultation, which allows you the opportunity to gain a better understanding of how we can help you while also letting us get to know about your needs, strengths and your unique personal attributes. We offer many different packages to our students that can be adjusted to fit your budget. Our prices are competitive to those of other academic tutoring and admissions counseling companies.

You have the option of selecting test preparation and academic tutoring that are priced individually along with our college admissions consulting services. Going Ivy offers services bundling packages at discounts, and we can work with your family to find manageable payment plans that meet your needs. Our holistic plans allow you to access discounts and include a combination of academic tutoring, test preparation and admissions counseling services to offer you the best chance of success in high school, college and beyond.

We also offer scholarship and financial counseling services in addition to our other services. We can help you to identify appropriate scholarship opportunities while also assisting parents with negotiating with schools about their financial aid packages. In some cases, our students are able to gain enough financial aid and scholarship funds to defray nearly all of the costs of the Going Ivy services so that they are able to attend the schools that they want at tremendous savings.

3. Do you only work with students from prep or private schools?

No. We work with students who come from all backgrounds. We have enjoyed a lot of success helping students from private and prep schools to gain admission into the top schools in the nation and the world, but we also have substantial experience helping students who attend public and charter schools to gain admission into elite institutions as well. We are able to help students get As in their courses, obtain high scores on their ACTs and SATs, and to gain acceptance into their top-choice schools.

4. Where do you meet with students?

We offer a variety of options for meeting locations with our students. Going Ivy has counseling and tutoring centers in many cities. We also have tutors and counselors who are on the ground and able to meet you at your home or at a location of your choosing. Video conferencing sessions are also available, allowing you readily access to your Going Ivy counselor or tutor from any location.

5. What is Going Ivy’s holistic approach?

One of the primary reasons that Going Ivy is an industry leader is our holistic approach to tutoring, counseling and college admissions services. We recognize that each of our services addresses one part of the whole, and we are able to work with you to address all of the needs that you have. Our holistic approach includes everything from tutoring services, test preparation, college application help, identifying the schools that are the best match and fit, financial aid and scholarship help, and more. College admissions is the ultimate goal, and we recognize that looking at one piece of the larger puzzle isn’t enough. We instead assess where you currently are, what you need and where you want to go. Your individual needs will be different from those of other students, and our holistic approach means that we tailor your plan to help you with the needs that you have so that you are likelier to reach your goals. You might need help with getting a better grade in a specific course, improving your standardized test scores or simply gaining the confidence and motivation to propel through all of the tasks that you have to complete. Our professional team is here to help you with all of your needs so that you can be successful.

6. Do I have to sign up for other services if I only want test prep or tutoring help?

Going Ivy does offer services on an a la carte basis, which means that you can choose to receive only the services that you want. We have the top academic and test preparation tutors in the industry who are able to offer you excellent help with individual subjects and tests. However, we firmly believe that the best approach to attaining your ultimate goal of college admissions into your top-choice schools is by accessing our holistic plans. In order to get accepted into an elite school, you will need to do more than obtain a great grade in a class or a top score on your standardized tests. We offer discounts to students who choose packages. We are still able to offer services at any level that you wish if you do not want to choose a package.

7. Can I start if I am just a freshman in high school?

Starting with the services at Going Ivy during your freshman year is not too soon. It is actually a great time to start. Admissions committees assess what you have done throughout high school, including your freshman year. If we are able to begin helping you during your first year of high school, we can help you during all four years with selecting the best classes, helping you to obtain top grades, building your knowledge and test-taking base in preparation for your ACT or SAT, and developing your unique story. All of this can help you gain an advantage when it comes time to submit your applications so that you can stand out. With our help, you can maintain your drive and remain happier and less stressed throughout high school, and we can assist you with choosing internships and work opportunities that will enrich your life.

8. Is it too late if I’m a senior?

It is best for students to begin working with Going Ivy early, but we are able to work with high school seniors and do so frequently. High school seniors often need help with completing their college applications and submitting them on time. When you are starting with us during your senior year, we help you on an accelerated time schedule to help you to improve your chances of reaching your goals.

9. Will I have less stress by working with Going Ivy?

Applying to colleges and preparing for the process is very stressful for most students. The professional team at Going Ivy works to help you to reduce your level of stress, and we understand how to do so. We work with you hand-in-hand, helping you gain the confidence that you need and ignite your internal motivation to achieve your goals. We help you to learn organizational skills, which helps all of the tasks along the way to be easier to manage. We believe working toward your goals should be a fun and stress-free experience, and we take on some of the more challenging tasks so that you can be happier and enjoy the time that you have in high school with your friends and family.

10. What do you mean about being focused on motivation?

At Going Ivy, we have seen through experience that students learn and do the best when they are motivated. It is difficult for some students to maintain high levels of motivation, and our counselors work to inspire you so that you are excited about your achievements and are driven to continue forward. Students do the best when they have the internal motivation to accomplish their goals and are working together with us as their partners. It can be hard to navigate through everything that being a teenager can involve, and we are here to support you. Each Going Ivy team member cares about our students and wants to help you to become excited about working toward your college-bound goals and achieving them. By helping you to ignite your internal motivation, we believe that you will gain the drive that you will need throughout your future.

The Going Ivy team is focused on you and your needs. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your academic and college admissions goals. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your free initial consultation and begin your own journey toward accomplishing your dreams.


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