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World history is a difficult course for some students in Phoenix because of the sheer breadth of the material that it includes. If you want to attend college, taking world history and doing well in it in high school is important so that you can improve your chances of admission. By getting help from one of the expert world history tutors at Going Ivy, you can master the material so that you can earn the grades that you have the potential of earning.

How Going Ivy Can Help with High-Quality World History Tutoring

We are a team of experts who have graduated from Brophy and Xavier College Prep as well as the most elite universities in the world, including Ivy League schools. Going Ivy’s team includes expert admissions counselors, former admissions officers and world-class tutors who are committed to helping you to succeed. Our world history tutors are among the top scholars in their field and have a deep level of understanding of history and its relevance in today’s world. They know how to teach the information to you so that you can quickly comprehend it and retain how each event builds on the next. This can help you to earn an A in your world history class and prepare you for the classes that you will encounter in college.

The Importance of Studying World History

Studying world history is important in high school for many reasons. World history is the study of history on a macro level. Instead of learning about the history of a nation and its people, world history helps you to learn about the history of humans dating back to their earliest ancestors so that you can gain an understanding of how societies, governments, and ways of thinking developed and what makes us unique. World history also helps you to gain an improved cultural literacy and to understand how different communities developed throughout the world, and how those differences affected their interactions. By studying the impacts of different events on humans throughout history and around the world, you can also increase your analytical and critical thinking skills so that you can do better in your classes beyond world history.

If you want to go to college, the College Board reports that most universities prefer applicants who have taken at least three years of history courses in high school, including either world history or geography. Highly selective colleges want applicants to have taken advanced courses in high school. Harvard recommends that students take four years of history classes, including European or world history, during high school with a preference given to advanced course options such as AP history courses. If you are able to earn As in an advanced placement world history class in high school and are able to subsequently obtain a five on the AP test, you may stand a better chance of gaining acceptance into the most elite colleges in the country. The world history tutors at Going Ivy are available to help you as you work to achieve your goals on your path to personal success.

The Going Ivy Difference with World History Tutoring

Finding the best world history tutor for you can seem difficult. There is a multitude of choices available to you, including other companies and individuals advertising their world history tutoring help. Unlike other tutoring companies and many individuals, Going Ivy does not use the same teaching methods with all of our students. Our research and experience have demonstrated that an individualized, tailored approach to teaching our students provides better outcomes.

When you work with your world history tutor at Going Ivy, he or she will first talk to you. The purpose of this conversation is to identify your learning style, your current knowledge level, your areas of strength and your areas of need. Your tutor can then use this information to design a plan that focuses on how you learn the best as well as on building you up in your areas of need while not rehashing material that you’ve already mastered. This approach helps you to move forward quickly so that you can stay ahead of the class.

Because motivation is vital for reaching your goals, we are focused on it. We work to help you become more motivated and to maintain your motivation at a consistently high level. When you are excited about learning world history and see how it genuinely applies to other classes and conversations in life, it will be easier for you to score the types of grades that you want in your classes.

Our world history tutors understand how busy high school students are. They are flexible and willing to meet you at your convenience wherever you prefer. We also have an academic counseling and tutoring center in central Phoenix if you’d prefer to come to us to be tutored in world history. Some of our busy students enjoy the option of being tutored in world history by video conferences with our embedded world history tutors who are students at such colleges as Stanford, Yale and other elite schools. When you choose this tutoring option, you can delve into world history while also learning about life on a top campus.

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