Foreign Languages Tutoring

Foreign Languages Tutoring

Whether you choose a foreign language simply to fulfill a high school requirement or because you truly have a love for the language and desire to speak it fluently, keeping up with the vocabulary and deciphering original texts can challenge any student. Reach out to a Going Ivy foreign language tutor for expertise and understanding.

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Whichever foreign language you choose to take, it is quite common for students to get lost on the way to fluency and perfect grades and test scores. A little bit of help with conversation or the more complex aspects of each language can go a long way. Going Ivy expert tutors in French, Spanish, German, Latin, Chinese and more work to build your confidence with word meanings, history of the language and all other areas of mastering a new language.

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Foreign language learning is a critical component of your high school transcript that is evaluated for college admissions.

Learning a foreign language can be richly rewarding, allowing you to gain a better understanding of both another culture as well as your own. But with all your other commitments and classes in high school, it can be difficult to learn a foreign language. If you are struggling with it, you may feel very frustrated and might even consider switching to a different course. By getting help from an expert foreign language tutor, you may pick up your language much more readily and be able to easily communicate with it.

Going Ivy is comprised of subject-matter experts, world-class tutors, admissions counselors and former admissions officers. We help students from the greater Phoenix area with their foreign language and other tutoring needs. We also offer assistance with your college and test preparation, with a comprehensive menu of services from which you can pick and choose. We are graduates of Xavier and Brophy College Prep, and we help students from public, private and charter high schools throughout the Valley. We are graduates of the most elite colleges in the U.S., including the schools of the Ivy League. Our foreign language tutors are able to help you with the following languages: Spanish, French, German, Latin, Mandarin, and AP foreign language classes.

The Importance of Foreign Language Tutoring

As our world becomes increasingly global, mastering a foreign language is critical. Elite colleges recognize the importance of foreign languages and teach a large number of them. For example, Harvard offers foreign language instruction in more than 80 languages, and students are able to take courses such as the politics and the history of the Islamic world in Arabic or Chinese culture in Mandarin. Beyond high school and college, having fluency in a foreign language can help you in your career. According to language and business experts, people who have a second language can enter the workforce with pay that is between 10 and 15 percent higher.

Foreign language learning is also a critical component of your high school transcript that is evaluated for college admissions. For example, while Yale states that it does not have a specific requirement for foreign languages, it also states that it likes to see that applicants have taken the same foreign language during each year of high school. When a selective school indicates something is optional, it is best to treat it as a requirement. Other selective schools such as the University of Chicago recommend that applicants take two to three years of a foreign language in high school. When you can demonstrate on your application that you have taken rigorous courses in a foreign language during all four years of high school, you might improve your chances of gaining admission to your top-choice school. According to the National Education Association, students who learn foreign languages have also been shown to score higher on the SAT and ACT. As noted by the NEA, the College Board found that students who had taken four years of a foreign language scored an average of 100 points higher on their SATs. If your goal is to gain admission into an exclusive college, having an in-depth knowledge of a foreign language and attaining fluency in it should be one of your goals. Beyond college, being able to talk, read and write in a foreign language can allow you to talk to people from other countries in their languages, helping you to come to agreements more readily. With our help, you can soon be communicating in the foreign language of your choice and learn to love doing so.

Foreign Languages Made Accessible: The Going Ivy Difference

While there are scores of foreign language tutors advertising their services, Going Ivy uses a results-driven, personalized approach to tutoring. We only have world-class tutors who are fluent in their respective languages and who have the type of deep knowledge and experience with teaching students that can best help you. Our foreign language tutors are excellent communicators and understand how to present the material in a way that is easily understood. We have tutors who are embedded in the campuses of elite colleges such as Princeton, Harvard and Stanford. If you choose to be tutored from one of them via video conferencing, you will have the added benefit of glimpsing what life at an elite school is like.

Our tutors believe that every student has the potential to achieve more than what the student might believe. We assess your strengths and needs and develop strategies that are tailored to them. We help you to feel more motivated and to gain the confidence in your abilities that you need. In addition to video conferencing, our Phoenix tutors are able to meet you at a place near your school or your house, or anywhere convenient to you. We understand that students sometimes have questions when they are studying, and we are happy to answer your texts, emails or phone calls at any time, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

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