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AP courses in Spanish, French, Latin and more are designed to be similar to the difficulty of their college class counterparts, and many students struggle with them.

Taking AP foreign language classes in high school can offer Phoenix-area students the benefits of gaining college credit in state schools, earning higher grade point averages and enhancing their chances of gaining admission into elite institutions. These courses are designed to be similar to the difficulty of their college class counterparts, and many students struggle with them. If you are able to excel in your AP foreign language class and score well on the corresponding AP exam, you may increase the strength of your college application. The expert AP foreign language class tutors at Going Ivy are able to help you master your chosen language so that you can earn top grades and AP exam scores.

Going Ivy’s Help with AP Foreign Language Tutoring

At Going Ivy, our team members are graduates of the leading colleges and universities in the world, including the Ivy League schools. Our team includes world-class AP foreign language tutors who are fluent in their languages and have great teaching abilities. They are able to communicate difficult concepts in speaking, writing and reading complex texts in a way that you will be able to comprehend and analyze. Our AP foreign language class tutors work with high school students from public, private and charter high schools that are located in the greater Phoenix area and the state of Arizona.

Our tutors are able to help with the following:

  • AP Chinese language and culture
  • AP French language and culture
  • AP Spanish language and culture
  • AP Japanese language and culture
  • AP Latin
  • AP German language and culture
  • AP Spanish literature and culture

The Importance of Taking AP Foreign Language Classes in High School

The College Board reports that college admissions officers want high school students to complete a minimum of two years of foreign language study, and selective colleges prefer that students take three or four years. Selective institutions also prefer that the foreign language classes that are chosen are increasingly rigorous, and admissions officers want to see that students have done well in AP language classes.

Earning great grades in your AP foreign language classes and obtaining a score of five on your corresponding AP exam can help your application stand out to admissions officers because it demonstrates that you are ready for your college classes. Students who take rigorous courses in high school have been shown to do better in their college classes. If you intend to attend a state school, you may receive college credit for passing your AP exam and may be able to skip past introductory foreign language classes in college.

Your AP foreign language classes will be more difficult than regular courses, and you will delve into the language more deeply. The added demands of taking AP foreign language classes may necessitate you getting the help of a high-quality tutor from Going Ivy so that you earn the best grades that you can.

The Going Ivy Difference: AP Foreign Language Tutoring

Going Ivy is an industry leader because of our results-driven approach and the expertise of our tutors and college admissions counseling staff. Our AP foreign language tutors are subject-matter experts who understand the importance of individualized instruction. Many companies that offer AP language class tutoring help all of their students through a one-size-fits-all approach. In our experience, students do not do as well when they are taught with instructional methods that are not tailored to their needs. Our AP foreign language tutors assess you so that they can identify your unique learning style, needs, base knowledge level and strengths. They then take the information that they learn about you to develop a conversation style and comprehensive and tailored instructional plans to master your language.

Because of the demands that AP foreign language classes place on students, many have trouble remaining motivated in them. Our tutors focus on your motivation so that you can maintain your drive to succeed in your classes. By staying motivated, you are likelier to excel in them. We also work to be as flexible and convenient as possible with our AP foreign language class tutoring services. Our tutors are willing to meet with you in your home or school, or you can come to our tutoring center to receive your instruction there. Some students like to be tutored in their foreign language classes by video conferences with our embedded tutors. We have tutors who are currently attending such colleges as Stanford, Yale and Princeton. When you engage in video conferences with these tutors, you can ask them questions (in whatever language you choose) about what elite colleges are really like so that you gain some insight.

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Our AP foreign language class tutors are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and to be successful in class, with the language, and beyond. We offer no-obligation and free initial consultations to prospective students so that you can gain the information that you need to make your decision. During your consultation, we will begin gathering the information about you and your needs that our AP foreign language tutors can use to craft your individualized lesson plans. Call us today to schedule your consultation and to learn more about the services that we offer.

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