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There are many biology tutors who offer their services and companies that sell biology tutoring materials, but Going Ivy is the industry leader because of our unique and tailored approach.

Many Phoenix-area high school students struggle with their biology classes. It is important to take biology and to do well in it if you want to attend college. If you dream of gaining admission into a highly selective school, you will want to take AP biology and the exam or IB biology if it is offered at your school. To get the best grade possible, you may want to get help from a qualified biology tutor at Going Ivy.

How Going Ivy Can Help

Going Ivy is the leading academic tutoring and admissions counseling firm in Phoenix and Arizona. Our team members are graduates of Xavier and Brophy College Prep, and we have also attended the top schools in the country, including Harvard. Our tutors are the best in the industry. They are both subject-matter experts and know how to adapt their communication to your learning style, allowing them to teach difficult concepts to you in a way that is easily understandable. We have had great success helping students from private, public and charter schools across Phoenix to get terrific grades in their biology classes and high scores on their AP biology exams.

Why Biology Tutoring is Important

According to the College Board, most universities and colleges want students to have taken at least three years of science courses, including biology, physics or chemistry and earth or space science. Highly selective colleges prefer that students take four years of science classes and that the courses are the most rigorous available in your school.

Your biology class will not only be a factor in your transcript for your college applications, it will also be helpful to you for your standardized college admissions tests. The ACT science section always includes questions from your biology courses. Biology is the study of living organisms, and it is important so that you understand a broad variety of things. With biology, you can gain a better understanding of such diverse topics as health, exercise science, proper nutrition and diseases. Biology can also help you understand evolution and genetics so that you can see how living things change over time because of environmental pressures.

Biology is important in your future because it forms the basis of many different degree fields. It is also important to understand the basic life processes so that we can learn to treat diseases and practice better health and nutrition. When you receive an A in your biology class or your AP biology course, admissions counselors will take note because doing well in your science classes makes it likelier that you will also do well in college. By getting help from a highly skilled biology tutor at Going Ivy, you can master the material and earn the top grades and scores in your biology classes and on your exams.

The Going Ivy Difference: Expert Biology Tutors

While there are many biology tutors who offer their services and companies that sell biology tutoring materials, Going Ivy is the industry leader because of our unique and tailored approach to biology tutoring. Our biology tutors are world-class professionals who tailor their instructional methods according to each student’s individual needs and learning style. We do not believe that using the same teaching method and approach with every student works to obtain the best results. Instead, we begin by having a targeted conversation with you so that we can learn what your baseline knowledge level currently is, your areas of strength and weaknesses, your personal attributes and your learning style. We then take the information that we learn about you to craft a detailed lesson and goal plan that can help you to accelerate your learning of biology.

Our biology tutors know that all students have their own internal motivation, but some students struggle with igniting it. Our tutors work to help you tap into your own motivation so that you have the drive to succeed. By helping you to be more motivated in the biology learning process, you can be more engaged in your biology classes and obtain better grades.

At Going Ivy, we know that most high school students are constantly busy as they work on numerous tasks. While you might worry that you will have little time to devote to your biology studies, we can help you to do so. We pride ourselves on our convenience and flexibility. We have on-the-ground biology tutors who can meet you at your preferred location. You may also come into our convenient academic tutoring center in the Biltmore area of Phoenix for help. Finally, some students enjoy receiving their biology instruction via video conferencing with one of the tutors who is also a current student attending elite schools such as Stanford and Harvard. When you receive your biology tutoring via video conferencing, you can also gain a glimpse of life at the nation’s most elite schools. Our tutors are also available to answer your questions as they arise via text message, phone call or email 24 hours per day and seven days per week. When you choose Going Ivy, you will gain a biology tutor who cares deeply about you and your success.

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Choosing the right biology tutor is important for your ability to meet your course and college admissions goals. Going Ivy understands that you need to be able to make an informed decision about whether or not to choose us, so we offer free, no-obligation consultations. When we meet, we will ask you questions to help us understand your needs and goals. Our biology tutors will begin the process of designing a tailored educational plan for you. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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