First-Generation US Applicants

First-Generation U.S. College Applicants

Going Ivy has had great success with assisting first-generation U.S. college applicants with gaining admission into the most elite colleges of the country.

Phoenix-area students who will be first in their family to apply to a U.S. college may face unique difficulties with the college admissions process. If you are a first-generation U.S. college applicant, your parents may be highly educated but have attended foreign universities, later immigrating to the U.S. The college admissions process in the United States differs significantly from the process that exists elsewhere. Your parents may be unfamiliar with how it works in the U.S. and be unable to help to guide you through it. Support through college admissions is critical, however. By getting help from the experts at Going Ivy, you may have an easier time understanding what you need to do as well as how to portray yourself in a compelling manner that helps you stand out to admissions officers.

Why Choose Going Ivy?

At Going Ivy, we are a team of world-class tutors, former admissions officers, admissions counselors and expert consultants. We are graduates of Xavier and Brophy College Prep, and we have attended the top colleges in the nation, including the colleges of the Ivy League. We have the perspectives of insiders when it comes to gaining admission into the most exclusive colleges in the country, and we are educated and experienced to be able to help you throughout the entire process. We have had great success with assisting first-generation U.S. college applicants with gaining admission into the country’s most elite colleges. We hold strong beliefs that first-generation U.S. applicants offer unique assets to the schools that they attend, helping to add richness to their campuses. Our team members understand how to frame your background in a way that helps you communicate why college admissions committees should accept you and add to their campuses.

Special Issues Faced by First-Generation U.S. College Applicants

As a first-generation U.S. college applicant, you may face different issues than do other applicants. First-generation U.S. college applicants are different than first-generation college applicants, and it is important for you to understand the distinction. First-generation college applicants are those students who are the first to apply to college in their families. By contrast, first-generation U.S. college applicants are students whose parents are highly educated but who attended colleges and universities in foreign countries. These students do not receive the special consideration that first-generation college applicants do, and they may face bigger obstacles with gaining acceptance into highly exclusive schools.

Students whose parents attended college in different countries are generally unfamiliar with how the process works in the U.S. Their parents also do not have experience with the U.S. college admissions process and may be just as confused by it as their student. Going Ivy understands the many pieces of the process and all of the individual steps involved in it. We are also able to help students with presenting themselves in ways that help them to gain an advantage on their applications rather than working from disadvantaged positions. We have a great record of helping first-generation U.S. college applicants from public, private and charter schools across Phoenix and Arizona with obtaining admission into the most selective institutions in the U.S., including Ivy League schools.

How Going Ivy is Different

Going Ivy individualizes the admissions roadmaps that we write for our students according to their unique strengths and needs. Many of our competitors use the same approaches with all of their students. Our experience has taught us that approaching each student’s college admissions process one-on-one works much better than attempting to use the same formula with every student. Our approach is holistic and focused on results. We work to help our students to gain the confidence and motivation that they will need to navigate through the complex college admissions process. We start by getting to know each student’s goals, strengths, personality and interests for their future, and we help match schools to you, organize the requirements involved in applying, and keep you on track. We replace any confusion your whole family might have with confidence.

Going Ivy understands the particular issues faced by first-generation U.S. college applicants. We are able to help you to communicate your story in a manner that helps you to shine, demonstrating to college admissions officers why they should accept you. We are proud to work closely together with families who are unfamiliar with the process in order to help to reduce their stress and confusion.

Getting into college involves a lot more than scoring top grades and test scores. The Going Ivy holistic approach recognizes that all of the individual tasks along the way are simply small parts of the bigger picture. We are able to help you with everything, including your class selection, tutoring needs, standardized test score improvements and your applications. We are flexible and able to take your calls, emails or texts at any time. Our tutors are some of the top scholars in the world, and many are currently attending the top colleges in the nation. We have tutors who are available to meet you at the location of your choosing or via video conferencing from their respective institutions.

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Getting admitted into a top school is a complex process. When you have help from the experts at Going Ivy, you may increase your chances of being successful in your applications. You can schedule a free initial consultation with us, and you will have no obligation to continue with our services. Call us today to schedule your appointment and to learn more about college admissions and how we can help.

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