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Having excellent writing and composition skills is important for Phoenix-area students who want to go to college. No matter what you intend to major in, you will be expected to be able to write well in your classes and prove it in your college applications. If you have trouble with your writing and composition skills, you may benefit by getting help from a writing and composition tutor at Going Ivy. Our expert tutors understand how to help you learn and internalize grammar, sentence structure and other rules so that you can improve your writing skills and do better in all of your classes.

How Going Ivy Can Help with Writing and Composition Tutoring

The team at Going Ivy is made up of graduates of Xavier and Brophy College Prep in Phoenix as well as the top universities and colleges in the world, including the Ivy League schools. We have expert writing and composition tutors who are able to help our students hone their writing skills so that they can do well in their English courses as well as all of their other classes that require essays and on the standardized tests that include a writing section and an English section testing your grammar and language skills. Having strong writing and composition skills can help you be more persuasive, be more organized, and be more creative. You can’t just memorize techniques for good writing. Our tutors know how to help you tap into your creativity for great writing that follows all the rules.

The Importance of Strong Writing and Composition Skills

Having strong writing and composition abilities is vital for your success in high school, college and your future career. According to Brown University, writing helps people to advance knowledge and convey ideas across disciplines. Having the ability to write well is also important regardless of what you would like to be in the future. If your future job will require you to engage in any type of writing, including emails, messages, blogs, customer correspondence, memorandums and others, using proper grammar and spelling while also communicating what you have to say clearly and concisely is vital. How well you write can have an impact on how you are viewed by others around you. Unfortunately, many students arrive at college with poor writing and composition skills. When you are in college, making grammatical, spelling and syntax errors is simply unacceptable.

Good writing skills are also important for both the ACT and the SAT. If you are able to write well, you can obtain better scores on your writing tests, which many schools require. When you are applying to college, demonstrating that you have excellent writing and composition skills on your college admissions essays can help you make a better impression on the college admissions officers who will be reviewing your applications. Similarly, students who write poorly leave unfavorable impressions on admissions officers and may be passed over by the colleges that they want to attend.

The Going Ivy Difference with Writing and Composition Tutoring

There are many tutors who offer help with writing and composition, and finding the tutor who will offer you the most assistance can feel overwhelming. Going Ivy is the best choice with our world-class writing and composition tutors who are able to help you master the technical grammar rules while also learning how to improve your clarity and conciseness in your writing. Commonly, writing and composition tutors use identical approaches to teaching writing to all of the students with whom they work. This type of cookie-cutter instruction does not provide the most help to students, however. Going Ivy takes the time to get to know who you are so that we can understand your needs, your voice, your strengths, and your individual learning and writing style. Our writing and composition tutors are then able to take this information in order to create writing assignments and lessons that will address your needs and help to accelerate your learning process.

Our tutors are focused on helping to encourage your level of motivation and desire to write. When students are more motivated, they find it easier to apply their new lessons to their writing. Our motivation focus helps you to achieve your goals. We also recognize that your writing and composition grades are small components of your larger goals of achieving a high GPA, getting higher scores on your ACT or SAT, and gaining admission into your dream college. By viewing your writing and composition tutoring holistically, our tutors are better able to help.

Going Ivy recognizes that many students struggle to schedule in all of their various activities and tasks. We are flexible and work to be convenient for you. You can receive your one-on-one writing and composition tutoring in your home, near your school or elsewhere. We have a conveniently located academic tutoring center that you can come to for focused writing help. We also offer writing and composition tutoring via video conferences with our tutors who are currently at the nation’s top colleges such as Stanford, Princeton, Yale and others. With this option, you can learn a little more about what attending an elite school is really like.

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Going Ivy understands that choosing the right writing and composition tutor is an important decision. We want to help students make their choices and offer free, no-obligation consultations to facilitate their decision-making processes. During your appointment, you can learn more about our writing and composition tutoring services and how we can help you. We will also take the time to learn more about you so that our writing and composition tutors can have a good starting point for creating their lesson plans according to your individual needs. Call Going Ivy today to schedule your free consultation so that you can learn more about our writing and composition tutoring as well as the other services that we offer.

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