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True or False: Standardized test scores such as the SAT are losing their importance in the college admissions process.

False. With the increasing number of applications recently, lots of schools are placing a greater emphasis on standardized test scores.

If you have decided to take the SAT for your college admissions process, you will need to understand that consistent studying and taking the preparation steps are necessary for ensuring that you get the highest score that you are capable of receiving. It is important that you do not make the mistake of failing to take the SAT seriously. If you do not prepare, you risk getting a score that is too low for acceptance into your top-choice school or the degree program you want to pursue. With the help of an expert SAT tutor at Going Ivy, you may be able to score much higher than you might believe on the SAT.

Why Choose Going Ivy for SAT Tutoring?

At Going Ivy, you will find a team of educational experts and world-class tutors. We are graduates of Brophy and Xavier College Prep as well as the nation’s top schools, including Harvard. We help students from high schools throughout the Valley, including public, private and charter schools. Many of our students have gone on to score in the top percentiles on the SAT and to gain admission into such schools as Princeton and Harvard. Our SAT tutors have all scored top-percentile scores on their SATs and are excellent communicators. They understand how to target your weaker areas so that you can transform them into strengths on your test. With SAT tutoring from Going Ivy, you will receive one-on-one, focused instruction and test strategy tips that can help you to improve your scores by hundreds of points.

Why is SAT Tutoring Important?

There is a common myth that standardized test scores such as the SAT are losing their importance in the college admissions process. This is inaccurate. With the increasing number of applications in recent years, many schools are placing a greater emphasis on standardized test scores than ever. Students should recognize that they should prepare for the SAT just as they would with any other test. Tutoring and SAT test preparation have been shown in studies to result in score increases ranging from an average of 100 to 400 points. Taking multiple practice tests in test-like conditions is helpful for understanding what the actual test will be like. It is also important to identify the weaker areas and then focus on improving them for the greatest improvements.

Your Going Ivy team recognizes that your SAT test score is not an end result that exists in isolation. Instead, our tutors understand that your SAT score is one step on your way to securing admission into the school of your choice as well as to your future adult career. When you score the highest that you are able, you may increase your chances of gaining admission into a selective school or selective department or program within a school that might be prestigious in the eyes of your future employers. When schools attract applicants with high SAT scores, it also improves their rankings, making it important for you to stand out. You will also need to aim for top grades in your classes. When you are able to submit an application showing rigorous coursework, excellent grades and a high SAT score, your chances of admission to even the most elite schools will be enhanced.

Understanding the Going Ivy Difference with Test Preparation

Going Ivy is the industry leader in SAT preparation for several reasons. Unlike our competitors, we understand that students do not demonstrate appreciable score gains when they receive instruction in large classes. When you have tutoring in such settings, you may find yourself held up while you wait for someone to catch up with everyone else. This is a waste of your valuable, and often limited, SAT preparation time. Going Ivy recognizes that a cookie-cutter approach to SAT tutoring is simply inadequate. Our world-class tutors meet with you one-on-one in order to assess you, identify your weaknesses and strengths, and design a targeted lesson plan that is designed to provide you with the most significant score improvements. Our results-driven approach is meant to help you obtain the best scores possible by helping you to stay motivated and focused on your ultimate goals.

You will find that we have the top tutors in the industry. World-class scholars, our SAT tutors are the top minds in their respective fields and have all scored in the highest percentiles on their own SAT tests. Your SAT tutor will be dedicated to furthering your learning process, working closely together with you as your academic partner.

Many students feel overwhelmed by all of the responsibilities that they have to juggle and worry about setting aside time for test preparation. Our tutors are very flexible when they are scheduling your sessions. They are willing to meet you at a location that is convenient for you. You can also elect to come to our tutoring center in Phoenix for assistance. We have tutors who are currently attending the most elite colleges in the nation who are available to help you by video conferencing from their campuses. If you choose this option, you will be able to see a small slice of life on an elite college campus.

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Going Ivy offers no-obligation, free consultations to high school students and parents. During your consultation, we will ask you many questions that are meant to help us get to know you and better understand your needs. Our SAT tutors understand that questions sometimes arise during off-times and are available to answer your texts, phone calls and emails 24 hours per day, seven days per week. With our help, you will be on your way to achieving your potential and scoring the highest that you can on your SAT. Call us today to learn more and to get started on your path.

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