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The top-quality Latin tutors at Going Ivy are available to help you understand the material and bring a “dead” language alive.

Latin used to be a required subject in most high schools, but it fell out of favor in the last half-century. Recently, however, there has been increasing interest in the study of Latin, and more schools have re-added it to their curricula. If you are a Phoenix-area high school student who is struggling with Latin, the top-quality Latin tutors at Going Ivy are available to help you commit to the language (as opposed to transferring to a different foreign language class), to understand the material, to retain it and to earn the best grades.

How Going Ivy Helps with Latin Tutoring

We are a group of educational experts and professionals who have graduated from Xavier College Prep, Brophy College Prep and some of the most elite schools in the country. Going Ivy’s Latin tutors are subject-matter experts who are the best tutors available. They have excellent teaching skills and understand how to communicate difficult topics to you in a manner that allows you to quickly comprehend them and to remember what you’ve learned. Our Latin tutors have had great success in helping students from across the greater Phoenix area with their Latin classes. Some students who formerly dreaded Latin have reported that they love it and that it has helped them in their other courses as well.

Why Latin is Important

It is common for students to question why they should study Latin, and if the first grades aren’t great, to consider switching to an “easier,” “more practical” language class. Latin is important to learn for multiple reasons, however. While Latin is no longer spoken, it still appears in many different languages. More than 60 percent of all words in the English language can trace their roots to either Latin or Greek. A good knowledge of Latin is especially helpful in the sciences or in legal studies as both professions depend heavily on Latin root words in their vocabularies. When you learn Latin, you will enjoy a much larger vocabulary because you will be more easily able to figure out what unfamiliar words mean from the Latin root words contained in them.

Because Latin is not spoken, much of its study involves learning its grammar rules. This helps you to think more logically and apply that knowledge in your other subject areas. Students who have studied Latin have consistently received higher scores on the critical reading section of the SAT in particular. The dean of admissions at Harvard, William Fitzsimmons, states that Latin makes applicants stand out because very few students today are able to master it. If you have chosen to study Latin, it may boost your chances of getting into your dream school as long as you are able to do well in it. The expert Latin tutors at Going Ivy can help you learn Latin so that you can broaden your world and reach your goals.

The Going Ivy Difference with Latin Tutoring

Because so many people simply don’t learn Latin anymore, there are just not as many tutors available in it. There are companies who advertise their Latin tutoring services, but there are several reasons why you should choose Going Ivy for Latin tutoring. We are the premier academic counseling and tutoring company in Phoenix and in Arizona. Our approach to tutoring in Latin is unique. We recognize that every student has his or her own individual style of learning and unique needs. We interview each student to learn more about his or her learning style, strengths, needs and goals. Our Latin tutors take that information to create lesson plans that are tailored to each individual student. Many companies use identical approaches with all of their Latin students. The same approach, however, will not work for all students.

Going Ivy tutors have a great command of Latin and are able to help you learn it much more quickly and easily than you otherwise might. We view mastering Latin holistically. We understand that your grade in a single class or on one test is not your ultimate goal. Instead, we view these as milestones on your way to accomplishing your over-arching goal of gaining admission into your top-choice school. Top colleges want to see that you have committed to your choice of foreign language in high school. Our Latin tutors are great at helping you maintain a high level of motivation. Some high school students grow tired of studying as the years continue. We work to help you stay engaged and excited as you learn. This helps you to earn higher grades and better test scores.

High school students have many demands and expectations that are placed on them, and there can be a struggle to find the time to devote to the study of Latin. We are able to help you develop better time-management skills to be more productive and efficient with everything on your plate. We have tutors who can come to your chosen location to tutor you in Latin. You are welcome to instead choose to come into our tutoring center in Phoenix for help. Some of our Latin students opt to receive tutoring in Latin by live video conference with our embedded Latin tutors who are currently attending the top schools in the country. This method also allows you the chance to ask questions about what attending such schools as Yale or Princeton is like. We are available to answer your questions by phone, text or email 24 hours per day and seven days per week.

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