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Choosing to study German in high school can help to expand your world while also making your college applications stand out. Many Phoenix-area students find that German is a difficult language to learn. By getting help from a highly skilled German tutor at Going Ivy, you may pick up the language more easily and earn terrific grades in your German classes.

How Going Ivy Can Help with German Tutoring

The team members at Going Ivy know that when struggles start with a foreign language, it is easy to think about dropping the class or switching to a different language to fulfill the requirement. With access to world-class German tutors, that change won’t be necessary for Going Ivy students. Our tutors are fluent in German and understand the evolution of the language and culture and can convey the nuances to you in a way that is easy to understand.

When you work with one of our German tutors, you will receive individualized instruction that is designed according to your needs and your learning style. This can help accelerate your learning of German so that you can score the best grades and feel more confident. We work with high school students from across the greater Phoenix area as well as across the state of Arizona from all backgrounds, including students who are currently attending public, private and charter schools. We have helped many students to master German, and some have achieved fluency and have developed a true love of the language and culture.

Why Studying German is Important

When you learn a second language such as German, you will reap numerous benefits. Studies have shown that being bilingual is correlated with having greater problem-solving abilities. Research has also demonstrated a positive correlation between studying foreign languages and obtaining higher scores on the SAT and ACT. Learning German is also good because it can expand your ability to communicate with more people. It is the most widely spoken language in Europe.

When you are preparing to apply for college, your application may stand apart from others if you have taken German instead of a more widely offered different foreign language. Many students choose to take Spanish or French. Taking German instead may pique the interest of admissions officers who see many applications from students who have taken Spanish or French. Highly selective colleges want to see that students have taken four years of progressively more difficult courses in a foreign language, so you should plan to take four years of German to help you on your applications. A strong German tutor from Going Ivy can help you to master the concepts of learning German so that you can earn great grades and scores.

The Going Ivy Difference: High-Quality German Tutoring

If you are trying to get help with your German classes, you may not have found much available in terms of tutoring. With fewer students taking the class, fewer tutors have the expertise to reach you. Going Ivy is the best choice with the best German tutors who are available, not just in person but through seamless videoconferencing as well. With our flexible and convenient tutoring, you can choose to meet with your German tutor at your preferred location. You can also come to our Phoenix headquarters academic tutoring and counseling center to meet with your tutor or log on to video conference with your German tutor who is embedded at the top colleges in the nation, including Yale, Princeton and Stanford. This option gives you the added benefit of learning more about life on an elite campus while you are simultaneously learning German. We make ourselves available to our students 24 hours per day and seven days per week because we understand that you may have questions at times other than when you are meeting with your German tutor.

We take a holistic approach to college admissions and don’t view your grade in your German class as a stand-alone goal. We view your grades in your German classes as steps along the way to reaching your ultimate goal of getting into the college of your choice.

Many tutors and companies use the same approach to teaching German with every student. At Going Ivy, our German tutors believe that all students are unique and respond the best to instruction that is tailored to their individual needs and learning styles. Our German tutors begin by assessing you so that they can identify your own learning style, your base level of knowledge, your strengths and your needs. Taking that information, they then use it to craft lesson plans that will work the best for helping you to learn German. Our German tutors are also focused on helping you to maintain the level of motivation that you will need to learn the best. While it is common for motivation to fade during high school, it is important for you to remain highly motivated so that you can obtain the best results.

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