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Getting help from a highly qualified and knowledgeable pre-calculus tutor can translate into your mastery of the subject and lay the foundation for you to score well in a rigorous course like AP calculus during your senior year.

Taking pre-calculus while you are in high school and doing well in it is important both for getting into your top-choice college as well as for providing you with a solid foundation for the calculus course you will take following it. Pre-calculus signals the start of a new and unfamiliar type of mathematical thought, and many students struggle with it. By getting help from a top pre-calculus tutor at Going Ivy sooner rather than later, you can have better success with mastering the difficult concepts so that you can obtain a good grade and have the foundation in place that you need for your future calculus course.

Pre-calculus Tutoring with Going Ivy

Going Ivy has a team of professionals who are graduates of Xavier and Brophy College Prep as well as the most elite colleges and universities in the nation. We have the best tutors available in the industry. Our pre-calculus tutors have deep knowledge of the subject matter and experience with all levels of math, including pre-calculus and calculus. The tutors at Going Ivy are terrific communicators and know how to convey complex concepts to you in a way that you can comprehend and retain them. We help students who attend area high schools throughout the Valley and Arizona, including students from private, public and charter high schools.

Why Pre-calculus is Important

While not required by all high schools, pre-calculus is important because it helps to introduce students to the concepts they will need for their higher-level calculus and other math courses in college. Since many college-bound high school students take calculus during their senior year, taking pre-calculus as a junior is important to help you to prepare for the material that you will encounter and could place you as eligible for AP calculus, or reaching to the more rigorous Calculus BC.

Your understanding of and grades in your pre-calculus course may also have a positive impact on your standardized test scores. The newly redesigned SAT has some math questions that require a basic knowledge of pre-calculus concepts. Beyond scoring better on your ACT or SAT, taking pre-calculus and gaining a strong understanding of it as well as your other rigorous math courses may have a positive impact on your future. According to an expert at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, students who score better in their math classes and who are proficient in their math subjects earn higher incomes as adults in their future careers.

College admissions officers at selective schools want to see that students have taken rigorous courses during all four years of high school, and many want to see that applicants have taken calculus. Pre-calculus helps you understand the difficult concepts that you will explore more deeply during calculus. If you take it, it is similarly important that you obtain a high score in the class so that you are better prepared. One problem that some students encounter in their high school pre-calculus and calculus courses is that the quality of these courses varies significantly from high school to high school. Getting help from a highly qualified and knowledgeable pre-calculus tutor can help you master the concepts while laying the foundation for you to score well in a rigorous course like calculus.

Why Going Ivy is Better Than the Competitors

Going Ivy prides itself on its industry-leading, holistic and results-driven approach. Our tutors and admissions counselors recognize that every student is unique and has his or her own individual learning style, strengths, needs and baseline foundations in academics. Our pre-calculus and calculus tutors first get to know their students, interviewing them to learn more about their individual attributes, areas of frustration, strengths and styles of learning. They then use this information to create lesson plans that are tailored to each student. Some of our competitors use one-size-fits-all methods of instruction or rely on the course syllabus, but our tutors understand that an individualized approach is superior and offers better results.

Our tutors are excellent teachers and know how to teach the material to you in such a way that you will understand the underlying concepts and be able to apply your knowledge in all of your math courses. The concepts that you learn while you are studying pre-calculus will serve you well as you move forward and take AP calculus. Our tutors take the long view and understand that your grade in pre-calculus does not exist in a vacuum but is one of many steps that you will take along your journey toward gaining admission into college.

Our pre-calculus tutoring options are convenient and flexible. We can meet with you in your home or at a location near you. We can easily change the date of a scheduled meeting when needed. You can also choose to come into our academic tutoring center in the Biltmore area of Phoenix for help. Some of our students choose to receive pre-calculus tutoring by video conference with one of our embedded tutors. We have tutors who are currently attending the most elite colleges in the nation, including the schools of the Ivy League. This may offer you an insider’s perspective about life on the campus of such schools as Harvard, Princeton, Yale and others.

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To better help you, Going Ivy offers no-obligation and free consultations to prospective students. During your appointment, we will ask you many questions so that we can learn more about who you are and your individual needs and goals. If you choose to go forward with our pre-calculus tutors, they will then design your customized lesson plan and work with you one-on-one to help you to accomplish your goals. Call us today to schedule your appointment and to get started on your path.

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