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Our AP math tutors help you to stay on top of the material so that you have the tools to succeed.

If you are a high school student in Phoenix who is college-bound, you may have learned that highly selective colleges want students to take as many advanced placement courses as possible. You may also simply want to pass the tests for your AP math courses in high school so that you can skip over some introductory classes in college or obtain credit at state schools. The AP math tutors at Going Ivy are able to help you with all of your AP math courses and exams, helping you to obtain the highest grades and best scores possible.

How Going Ivy Can Help with AP Math Tutoring

Going Ivy has world-class tutors who have deep levels of knowledge in their respective fields. Our AP math tutors have top-level communication abilities, allowing them to show and teach information about very complex concepts to you in a way that is understandable and easy to retain. Our AP math tutors are able to help you with the following:

  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC
  • AP Statistics

As graduates of Brophy and Xavier College Prep as well as the top colleges in the country, the team at Going Ivy is ready to help you with your preparation for your AP exams and courses. We work with students who are currently attending public, private and charter schools throughout Phoenix and Arizona, and our AP math tutors are dedicated to helping you to achieve your personal best in your classes and on your exams.

Why AP Math Tutoring is Important

In the past, few students had the opportunity to take AP courses. As college admissions processes at many schools have become increasingly competitive, more and more highly selective schools look to see that students have taken the most rigorous courses in high school that they can, including advanced placement classes. Highly selective schools like to see that applicants have taken rigorous math courses during all four years of high school. Making certain that you take and do well in your AP math classes can help your college application stand out.

The University of Chicago recommends that students take four years of math, and it recommends that students should try to take AP courses in statistics and calculus. The reason why elite institutions recommend that students take advanced placement classes is that they closely mirror the rigors of undergraduate college classes. If you take and pass the AP exams in your AP math courses, you may also receive college credit and be able to skip over your introductory courses in college at many institutions. While most highly selective schools will not grant credit to you for taking and passing your AP math exams, they do take them into consideration when students apply.

The ACT and SAT test your knowledge in several areas of math. If you have taken difficult courses throughout high school, you may earn higher scores on your standardized tests. Admissions counselors like to see AP math classes and exams because they have been demonstrated in research to be better predictors of success in math fields than other measures used in admissions such as your standardized test scores. By getting help from AP math tutors at Going Ivy with all of your AP math courses and exams, you may improve your chances of getting great grades, passing your AP exams and getting accepted into the most selective schools.

The Going Ivy Difference with AP Math Tutoring

Going Ivy recognizes the importance of AP math classes in high school for the college admissions process. We are different in our approach because we are results-driven and holistic, individualizing your plan to meet your individual needs and goals. Our world-class tutors are subject-matter experts who understand how to explain complex topics to you in an easily understandable way. Our tutors start by assessing your baseline knowledge in your courses as well as your personal attributes and learning style. We then design a tailored lesson plan that will best facilitate your learning process.

Our AP math tutors work hand-in-hand with you to help you understand the material and apply it to problems as you build confidence. In your math classes, the concepts build on each other. If you miss a small step, you may quickly fall behind. Our AP math tutors help you to stay on top of the material so that you have the tools to succeed. We help you to ignite your motivation and to increase your preparation so that you are ready and engaged in the learning process.

We offer convenient AP math tutoring services. Our tutors are flexible and are able to meet with you at your preferred location. You can also come to our academic center in Phoenix for in-person tutoring or opt to receive your AP math tutoring by video conferencing. We have tutors who are currently attending the most elite colleges in the country, including the schools of the Ivy League. This may offer you an added benefit by allowing you to learn more about what the campuses of elite institutions are like. Our AP math tutors are available to help you 24 hours per day and seven days per week when you have questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us when you have a question in between tutoring sessions.

Contact Going Ivy for AP Math Tutoring

Going Ivy is a full-service academic counseling and tutoring company that is dedicated to your success. We offer no-obligation, free consultations so that you can better gauge our ability to help you with your AP math courses and exams. Our AP math tutors believe that all students have the potential to achieve more than they might initially believe. Call us today to schedule your consultation and to learn more about how the team at Going Ivy might be able to help you.

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