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Both undergraduate students and college graduates in Phoenix who want to gain admission into graduate schools will need to take the appropriate graduate school admissions tests for their intended degree fields and do well on them. Whether you are applying in state or not, gaining admission into graduate programs is difficult because of the fierce competition for a limited number of spots. By preparing well for your graduate school admissions tests, you may obtain higher scores and increase your chances of getting accepted. Going Ivy has a team of professionals who are eager to help you prepare for your graduate school tests, allowing you to earn the highest scores that you can.

How Going Ivy Can Help with Graduate School Test Preparation

Going Ivy is the leading counseling, tutoring and admissions firm in Phoenix and Arizona. Our team is made up of graduates of Xavier and Brophy College Prep in Phoenix and the most elite colleges and graduate programs in the country, including Harvard. We have world-class tutors on our team who have scored in the top percentiles of their respective graduate school admissions tests. Our tutors are excellent teachers who relate to you and help you to identify your areas of need for the most improvements. When you work with us, you will learn the important test-taking strategies and tips so that you can obtain the highest score possible. Our graduate school test prep tutors are able to help you with the following tests:

  • GMAT
  • GRE
  • LSAT
  • MCAT

Why Preparing for Your Graduate School Admissions Test is Important

Just like your SAT or ACT for college, your GRE, GMAT, LSAT or MCAT score is one of the most important factors of consideration for entrance to graduate school. If you are able to obtain a high score on your graduate school admissions test, you may improve your chances of gaining admission into the school or program of your choice. When you prioritize your preparation, you might realize strong score improvements that allow you to stand out to the admissions officers at the school and program of your choice.

If you know which programs and schools interest you the most, you can research their accepted students’ graduate test admissions score ranges. Many graduate programs and professional schools post their percentile ranges from the 25th percentile to the 75th percentile. When you look at this range, you should try to aim toward the upper end. Harvard Law School reports that its class of 2019 had scores ranging from 170 to 175 while the LSAT is scored from 120 to 180, for example. The best chance for gaining admission into that school might be realized with a score around 175 as opposed to a score around 170. While your test score is not the sole factor that is considered by graduate schools and programs, it is heavily weighted.

The Going Ivy Difference: Helping Students to Prepare for Their Graduate School Admissions Tests

If you are getting ready for the graduate admissions test process, you may have learned that there are many books and online courses available to help you to prepare. There are also a number of companies that offer graduate school test prep services. Going Ivy is a superior choice because of our approach to helping our clients. We take a holistic view, understanding that the scores that you receive on your graduate admissions tests are only one component of gaining admission into your chosen graduate school or program. We also individualize our instruction, tailoring it to your individual needs, whether that is work on getting more answers right, improving focus and concentration, improving endurance, time management or something else.

Many companies offer test preparation in large group settings. We have found that this approach does not offer the best results for most students. Our tutors work one-on-one with their students so that you can get help with what you need.

When you first start working with us, we will conduct an in-depth assessment so that we can gain a better understanding of your strengths, needs and learning style. We will also want you to take some practice exams in similar settings as to what you might expect when you sit for the actual exam. This can help you to identify the areas in which you need the most work while also seeing the areas in which you are the strongest. Our tutors can help you build your skills in your areas of need while improving on your stronger areas for the greatest overall score improvements. Our goal is to help you get the best score possible so that your chances of getting into the graduate program of your choice will be enhanced.

We have multiple graduate school test preparation options available for our students. Our tutors can meet with you on your campus, in your home or at a different location of your choosing. Some of our students prefer to come to our academic tutoring and consulting center in Phoenix for help. Others enjoy the convenience of receiving their test preparation tutoring by video conferences on their mobile devices or laptops. No matter which method you choose, you will work with an expert tutor who is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

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