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K-8 Tutoring for Kids in Phoenix, AZ

When Phoenix elementary and middle school students are struggling to keep up with their classwork, it is important for them to get help as soon as possible so that they can catch up with their classes, love school, have time for fun, and do well in the future. If students do not receive added attention when they begin falling behind, it can be much more difficult for them to master the material and succeed in future classes. In kindergarten through eighth grade, the material that students are expected to learn builds on earlier concepts. If a student has not mastered the underlying concepts of a subject, he or she may have trouble in school on an ongoing basis. If your student is having difficulty with one of his or her classes or with all of them, you might benefit by getting help from the expert K-8 tutors at Going Ivy.

How Going Ivy Can Help with K-8 Tutoring

At Going Ivy, we are a team of educational experts who are dedicated to helping students to realize their individual academic potentials. Graduates of Xavier College Preparatory and Brophy College Preparatory in the Valley, we have also graduated from the most elite colleges in the nation, including Ivy League schools. We have expert tutors who are at the forefront of the educational field and who understand how to explain topics to children in a way that the kids understand and enjoy, building confidence along the way. Our tutors help students to begin loving to learn their school subjects so that their personal motivation can be ignited to do their best. Our tutors are able to help with all of the following subjects for grades K-8:

  • Reading
  • Grammar/Writing skills
  • Math
  • History
  • Science
  • Social studies

They are also able to help with tutoring students in kindergarten through eighth grade in any other classes in which they may be enrolled.

The Importance of High-Quality K-8 Tutoring

Today, there is an increasing emphasis on starting to prepare students for attending college as early as possible. To set the expectation that kids should one day go to college, many schools begin talking about college readiness in elementary school. While students who are that young likely do not have any idea what they might want to do in their future careers or study in college, presenting the idea of going to college while they are young may be motivating for children and teaches them to set goals for themselves.

But some students may struggle in their classes because of external factors. For instance, many students whose parents go through divorces have falling grades. When students receive tutoring help, it can work them to reduce the stress that they feel so that they can concentrate on learning. Research has demonstrated that achieving reading fluency by third grade is very important. Beginning during that year, students use their reading skills in order to learn about the material in all of their other classes. If a young student is struggling with reading, it is important for him or her to get help so that his or her grades will not begin to fall in all of the classes that he or she is taking.

You may have heard that preschools on the East Coast can affect college admissions. While this may be a bit of hyperbole, some experts recommend that students should start preparing for or simply thinking about college admissions processes beginning in sixth grade. This is a crucial period in the lives of young people because the courses that they take in middle school may steer them into different educational paths when they reach high school. While parents might think that grades are unimportant until their students reach high school, it may be too late for students who have lost interest in school and have amassed years’ worth of low marks. When children have the help of high-quality K-8 tutors, they may be able to improve their grades and start enjoying school again.

Why Going Ivy is Different

Going Ivy is recognized as the premier educational consulting and academic tutoring firm in Phoenix as well as in Arizona for several reasons. We use a research-based and results-driven approach, with the latest advances in instructional methods to reach students at all levels. While many tutors simply use a one-size-fits-all approach with their students, our K-8 tutors recognize that every child is different. Our tutors begin by conducting full assessments of the children that they tutor so that the tutors can learn about what motivates them, their individual learning styles, their strengths and their needs. They then use the information obtained in their assessments to create tailored plans according to the specific needs of each child.

When parents choose Going Ivy, their children will be able to receive their tutoring services in their own homes or at any location they prefer. We also have our Phoenix headquarters academic tutoring center for families who prefer to come to us. Some of our busy families prefer that their children receive tutoring help via one-on-one video conferences with our tutors who are currently attending the top colleges in the nation. Whichever option you might prefer, your child will be working with a dedicated professional who truly cares about your child’s success.

Call Going Ivy

Going Ivy is available to answer your questions 24 hours per day and seven days per week by phone, email or text message. We want parents to make the tutoring choice that they feel is right for their children. All of our prospective clients are able to take advantage of free, no-obligation initial consultations. This appointment can help you by allowing you to ask us all of the questions that you have so that you can assess whether or not we are the right choice for your child. We will also use our time during your consultation to get to know your student and your family so that we can better identify your child’s individual goals and needs. To learn more about how we can help with our K-8 tutoring services, call Going Ivy today to schedule your own consultation.

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