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At Going Ivy, custom admissions roadmaps are a hallmark of what we do. Each student is unique, and the what they want in college is unique. Their plan for securing admissions to the schools that match them best will be unique as well. We work with students to create custom admissions roadmaps that outline the steps students need to take to open the door to their dream college.

Founded in Phoenix in 2009, Going Ivy independent college admissions experts understand the unique needs of Arizona students who are applying to local schools and out-of-state. We are founded and run by Brophy and Xavier College Prep grads who gained admission to and attended the country’s top schools, including Harvard. We know what it takes to again admission to the country’s leading universities, and we know the questions to ask and steps to take to make sure each student finds the best school for them.

We work with students from private, public and charter schools all over the Valley. Our students have gained admission to virtually every top university in the country, including Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, ASU Barrett Honors College and more. But it’s not only about Ivy League and other “brand name” schools; we also help students gain admission to smaller liberal arts schools and large national public colleges.

At Going Ivy, we believe that, whatever your academic background or ability, there is a perfect college or university out there for everyone. In addition to helping you identify that school, we can help give you the roadmap for how to get there.

Our Three-Step Process

It’s easy to get sucked into the belief that in order to have the best future possible you need to get into a particular, well-known college or university. You think you have to package yourself to be “Ivy League material.” At Going Ivy, we shift the focus to who you have proven yourself to be in high school, and who you want to become in the future. Presenting that authentically, not packaging it into what you guess schools want, is the key to success in finding and gaining admission to the right school for you.

Step 1: Review. Our three-step process starts with a review. One of our Phoenix admissions consultants will meet with you in person or over video conferencing to get to know who you are and the future you have in mind. This process will involve a lot of questions, but you do not have to fill out a lengthy questionnaire on your own. These questions and insightful follow-ups are geared toward getting to know your interests, your skills and your needs. We can provide questionnaires for both Phoenix students and their parents, but we believe that actually speaking in person (or over video conferencing) is the best way to really get to know who you are as a student and an individual, as well as what you ultimately want to achieve. The additional benefit to our students is they stir up self-reflection and thoughtfulness, which you’ll need for your college applications.

Step 2: Roadmap. The second step of our process is the generation of your personalized roadmap. This roadmap is based on the time we spend getting to know you. We assess your strengths and find areas of opportunity. This will allow us to help you stand out amongst the competition. Your comprehensive roadmap will include the tests you need to take (and when they need to be taken), essays that need to be written and the actual timing of submitting your applications. We will provide any tutoring, test prep or admissions counseling that you need, along with strategy and motivation, to help you meet your specific goals.

Step 3: Results. Finally, the third step involves working with you and your parents to achieve your desired goals. This step involves implementing the plans set forth in your roadmap, along with providing you ways to cope with stress, stay organized, present yourself to your desired schools, set your own goals and ultimately help you to get to know yourself.

Following Your Personalized Map

Applying to a college or university is not something that can be achieved overnight. In fact, the application process itself can take six months or more. Really, the work needed for your applications is happening throughout your entire time in high school. Ideally, you want to start the college admissions advising process as early as possible. If you are a freshman just getting started, we can help you identify your goals and provide you with a roadmap that contains long-term strategies. This includes the best classes you should take along with what extracurricular activities you might consider participating in.

If you are a junior or senior (closer to the application deadline), we can help you to put together an application that will truly stand out. This includes assistance with essay writing, getting your letters of recommendation, and gathering the documents you need. With your roadmap, you can remain focused, confident and prepared. And with our online portal, assistance is always at your fingertips.

Achieving Your Dream Doesn’t Have to be Painful

At Going Ivy, we understand that applying for colleges can be a difficult time for students, but it shouldn’t cause you undue stress. Taking the next step in your education should be fun and exciting. There are many college admissions consultants who may claim to know the answers. However, most of these services only focus on a particular type of student or a specific kind of school.

Going Ivy is different. With our customized college admissions roadmaps, we can help you find your strengths, and provide you with tips and assistance to improve your weaknesses. We take the time to get to know you and your needs.

Call today to schedule your free initial consultation—either in person or through video conferencing with one of our Phoenix admissions experts. Together, we can work on creating a roadmap aimed at showing you the path to the college of your dreams.

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