By taking the time to learn and understand the science behind what helps students perform at peak levels, we are able to better assist you.

The team at Going Ivy is among the most innovative in the academic tutoring and college admissions consulting industry, using the latest academic research and cutting-edge technology to offer thought leadership to our students. This translates directly into Going Ivy’s students obtaining the best results that they possibly can. Our focus on offering innovation to our students helps to give them the competitive advantage in their college admissions applications, helping them to stand out from the sea of other applicants. By taking advantage of the innovative, leading approaches that we offer, you can achieve your personal best on your path to your goals of getting into the school of your dreams.

Going Ivy’s Emphasis on Academic Research and Innovation

The team at Going Ivy is comprised of the top tutors, admissions counselors, educational consultants and former admissions officers in the industry. We have helped many students gain admission into the top colleges in the U.S. As graduates of the most elite schools in the country, including Harvard, we recognize the importance of staying current with the latest academic research and applying the findings in innovative ways to help our students.

All of our team members constantly read the latest studies and integrate the findings from cutting-edge neuroscientific and educational research into their teaching, tutoring and admissions consulting services. By taking the time to learn and understand the science behind what helps students perform at their peak levels, we are able to better assist our students in achieving their goals. We have the knowledge and experience that you need to help you work toward your goals, but we don’t rest on that alone. Instead, our results-based approach builds upon our expertise to improve your chances of success.

Technological Innovation at Going Ivy

Going Ivy recognizes that harnessing the latest technology is often critical for success. We are always searching out and identifying the latest methods to integrate technology into our tutoring and counseling services. We offer such technology as our Custom College Plan software platform, virtual reality college campus tours, strategies for ZeeMee applications, mobile-based tutoring and video conferencing to bring the best of technology to you as you accomplish the individual steps toward your college admissions goals.

The Going Ivy Custom College Plan software

We understand that many students find the college applications and admissions process to be difficult. There are many steps involved in gaining admission into the most exclusive schools, and we help to break down the small tasks along the way into digestible and manageable goals. We create customized plans that you are able to access in our Custom College Plan Software. This allows you to remain organized, track your progress, view your achievements, communicate with your tutors and counselors, and to see what you need to do next at any time with the click of a button.

Virtual Reality College Campus Tours

While we recommend that students try to visit the college campuses that they are considering in person, we understand that many students and their families are simply unable to do so. We have partnered with the cutting-edge creative team at Kitchen Sink Studios to offer an Oculus Rift-based virtual reality experience. Kitchen Sink Studios works with a team of engineers to recreate college campuses for our students. You can come into one of our college admissions counseling centers, put on our virtual reality headset and step into the campuses of your preferred schools. You will be able to walk in and out of buildings, tour the campuses and enjoy a 360-degree visual experience so that you can get a better idea of what it feels like to be a student at the schools. Learn more about VR campus tours here.

Mobile-phone Based Tutoring

Going Ivy understands that today’s students are constantly busy, juggling many tasks, jobs, studies and volunteer activities. In order to make certain that our tutors are always available when you need help, we offer mobile-phone based tutoring services so that you can get help from wherever you choose. Our tutors are flexible and are able to answer the questions that you have via text message, phone calls and emails 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Video Conferencing Capabilities

Some of our students choose to receive their academic tutoring via video conferencing with one of our embedded tutors. We have tutors who are the top scholars in their respective fields and who are embedded on such campuses as Princeton, Harvard, Stanford and others. When you opt to receive our services via video conferencing, you will also be able to see a little of what life on an elite campus is like.

Thought Leadership at Going Ivy

The team members at Going Ivy do not just simply read new research; they are also thought leaders in the academic field. They frequently review forecasts of industry trends, changes from leading sources and review updates from publications from around the world. We are proud of our position as trailblazers of technology. We pioneer programs that are at the forefront of admissions consulting and counseling. For example, we were the first full-service academic consulting firm to integrate and harness the power of virtual reality for our students. We do more than read about innovation. We are the innovators, and that translates into your personal success.

Contact Going Ivy Today

Going Ivy recognizes the importance of your choice in an academic and admissions consulting firm. To help you, we offer no-obligation, free initial consultations. During your appointment, we will ask you a number of different questions to help us understand your strengths, needs, personality and goals. If you choose to hire us, we will use the information that we have gathered to create a customized college admissions plan that is made just for you. We do not use a one-size-fits-all approach, and we work hand-in-hand with all of our students. Schedule your free consultation with the Going Ivy team today.


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