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Our chemistry tutors get to know your base level of chemistry knowledge, your strengths and weaknesses, your learning style and your motivational level.

Chemistry is a course that many high school students in the Valley dread. It is important for you to take chemistry and to earn a good grade if you plan to attend college, however. When you choose to work with an expert chemistry tutor from Going Ivy, you can unpack the concepts in your chemistry course and learn to enjoy it while also getting the top grades.

How Going Ivy Helps with Chemistry Tutoring

The leading academic tutoring and counseling firm in Phoenix and in Arizona, Going Ivy is made up of a team of educational professionals and world-class tutors. We are graduates of Brophy and Xavier College Prep who continued on to attend top colleges. Our chemistry tutors have extensive knowledge and experience in chemistry, and they have great communication and teaching skills. This allows them to help our students to digest the material by breaking it down into easily understandable parts. When you receive help from the chemistry tutors at Going Ivy, you will be able to earn better grades in your chemistry class and might even learn to think of it as pretty interesting.

The Importance of Quality Chemistry Tutoring

Chemistry has an undeserved reputation as a difficult and boring subject. Everyone uses chemistry in their daily lives. When you cook, clean, take medications or try to balance the PH-levels of your pool, you are using chemistry. If you are concerned about environmental problems, you likely know that at their heart, they are chemical issues. Taking and understanding chemistry involves learning about matter and how it interacts with energy and other matter. Chemical reactions form the basis for everything from human emotions to fireworks and are certainly not boring.

Some high schools require chemistry in order to graduate. Even if your school does not require the course, it is still important for you to take it if you have a goal of getting admitted into your top-choice college. The College Board reports that most universities want students to take three years of science courses, including chemistry or physics. Elite colleges prefer that students have taken four years of science that include the most demanding course options available. This means that if your goal is to get into an exclusive college, you should choose to take AP chemistry or IB chemistry over the regular course option. If you take AP or IB chemistry and earn an A in your class, admissions officers will see that you are prepared to handle the difficult college classes that you will later have to take. The analytical skills that you gain from your chemistry class will also help you answer the questions on your SAT or ACT, and the ACT contains a science reasoning subtest that includes chemistry-related questions.

The Going Ivy Difference with Chemistry Tutoring

If you are searching for a chemistry tutor, the options might seem overwhelming. There are books, individuals and companies that all offer chemistry help. Going Ivy is the best choice for chemistry tutoring because of the results-driven, focused attitude that we take. We approach your chemistry tutoring with an eye toward the bigger picture and understand that your grade in the class does not exist as a goal in isolation. Instead, we view your chemistry grade and understanding as one smaller goal on your journey to reaching the larger goal of getting accepted into the college that is the best fit for you.

Our chemistry tutors are the top tutors that are available in the industry. They are subject-matter experts who are also excellent instructors. They begin by getting to know your base level of chemistry knowledge, your strengths and weaknesses, your learning style, and your motivational level. They then create lesson plans that are designed to best help you. Our chemistry tutors recognize that an individualized approach to chemistry tutoring is far likelier to help facilitate your mastery of the topic than is the cookie-cutter approach that is used by most companies and individuals. We are also focused on helping to increase your motivation so that you become engaged and excited about uncovering the world of chemistry and what it means.

Our chemistry tutors are flexible and make their services convenient for you. We have chemistry tutors who are willing to meet our students at the students’ chosen locations such as their homes, schools or some other convenient place and they can accommodate any changes to your schedule. You aren’t locked into any set appointment time if something comes up and you want to meet a different day. We also our office in the Biltmore area of Phoenix that some students prefer for their chemistry tutoring sessions. We have tutors who are currently attending elite colleges such as Princeton and Yale who offer chemistry tutoring services to students via video conferencing, which allows you to receive chemistry help on your mobile device or laptop wherever you want while also giving you access to life at an Ivy League school. It is common for students to have questions about the material in between their tutoring sessions. We are available to answer any questions that you might have 24 hours per day and seven days per week by email, text message or phone call. The chemistry tutors at Going Ivy are dedicated to you and to helping you to achieve your personal best.

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If you are considering choosing Going Ivy for chemistry tutoring, you can schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with us. We believe that it is important for you to get to know who we are and how we can help you so that you can make an informed choice about choosing our chemistry tutors. During your consultation, we will ask you questions to get to know what you need a little better, and you can ask us the questions you have. Call Going Ivy today to learn more about our chemistry tutoring services and the type of help that we can offer to you.

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