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The critical thinking skills necessary for physics can also be applied to all of the sections of your ACT or SAT because they can help you analyze and organize diverse types of fact patterns.

Physics is a notoriously difficult course for many high school students in Phoenix. If you are struggling with physics, getting help from an expert tutor at Going Ivy can help. The study of physics is important for you to gain an understanding of the world around you as well as to help you in your future college coursework. The high-quality physics tutors at Going Ivy can help you achieve the best grades that you can in your physics class while also developing a deep knowledge of the material.

Going Ivy’s Help with Physics Tutoring

The team members at Going Ivy are graduates of Xavier and Brophy College Prep and help students from across the Valley who are attending public, private and charter high schools with their physics courses. We have attended the most elite institutions in the world, including the schools of the Ivy League. Our physics tutors are among the top minds in the field and are also skilled teachers and top-notch communicators. Your physics tutor will be able to explain difficult concepts to you in a way that is easy for you to apply on your own and remember. We have had a lot of success with helping our students to master the concepts of physics while also developing an appreciation of the topic.

Why Physics is Important

Physics is highly important for students as well as for the general public. Cornell reports that physics forms the foundation of most of modern technology, including the advent of the internet and computers. Physics helps you understand how the world around you works, including movement and how forces interact for speed, acceleration and other effects. The American Institute of Physics reports that physics helps you to develop critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills so that you are able to answer technical questions. These thinking skills are important for all of the sections of your ACT or SAT because they can help you analyze and organize diverse types of fact patterns.

If you take AP physics, get an A in the class and then score a five on your AP physics exam, you can help yourself stand out to admissions officers at elite schools. Because AP classes and exams are designed to match the type of rigors of college-level classes, doing well in them can demonstrate your readiness for college.

The Going Ivy Difference with Physics Tutoring

Going Ivy is the leading academic tutoring and counseling firm in Phoenix and in the state. We are different than other individual tutors and tutoring companies because of our superior approach to physics instruction. We have world-class physics tutors who are among the top minds in the field. They use a research-based and results-driven approach with their students and individualize their instructional methods. Our physics tutors dive into thorough assessments of every student’s different challenges with physics. The lesson plans they craft will be according to a student’s unique learning style, needs, strengths and personality. Many physics tutoring services use identical instructional methods with every student, but we have found that this is inappropriate since students are all different.

Going Ivy understands that our students come to us with different motivational levels. While some students struggle to remain motivated, we understand how to help them to become more driven as they work toward their goals. By helping our students tap into their inner drives, we are able to help them accelerate their rates of learning so that they can achieve a mastery of physics concepts.

We offer multiple physics tutoring options in order to be convenient for our students. We know that high school students have multiple time demands, and they may struggle to find the time to devote to studying physics. Our physics tutors are able to meet you at a convenient location of your choosing, including in your home or elsewhere. Some students prefer to receive their physics tutoring services at our academic center in Phoenix. Others opt to receive physics tutoring via live video conferencing on their laptops or mobile devices. We have physics tutors who are embedded at the top colleges in the country, including such institutions as Yale, Stanford and Princeton among others. When you choose to receive your physics instruction via video conferencing with one of our embedded tutors, you will be able to learn more about what it is like to attend the most exclusive schools in the country. Going Ivy is also available to answer any questions that you might have by text, phone or email 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You will find that your physics tutor is someone who is dedicated to you and who wants to help you reach your goals.

Contact the Going Ivy Team

Because choosing the right physics tutor is very important, Going Ivy works to make the decision-making process easier for you by offering free initial consultations to prospective students. You will be able to ask all of the questions that you have. You can also expect that we will ask you a number of questions. Our questions are not a test. We are simply trying to gather pertinent information to help our physics tutors design the best educational and teaching strategies to help you succeed. Contact Going Ivy to schedule your consultation and to get started on your journey toward getting the best physics grades and to gaining admission into your top-choice college.

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